Backyard Brookies?

Before I tell you more about mine and KG’s time on the Delaware, I first need to tell you about something really cool going on not far from my house.


What more can you ask for in your back yard, or near enough to, than a brookie stream?  About a month ago I learned of an effort by the the local middle school in conjunction with Trout Unlimited to take a  small local stream and reintroduce brook trout.  Trout in the Classroom is a fantastic program designed to introduce the down stream mind set to our nation’s youth by raising a brood of trout that they will then let go into a near by waterway.

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Cabin Fever

Bug Chuckers Inc. with Wilderness Voyageurs this Sunday at Cabin Fever


Just wanted to let everyone know that Bug Chuckers Inc. will be set up at Cabin Fever this coming Sunday March 4th at the Sheraton Four Points in Cranberry.  This is Western PA biggest fly fishing show.  Dale Kotowski from Wilderness Voyageurs was kind enough to invite us to help with tying demos, sales, and to talk about what Wilderness Voyageurs has to offer for fly fishing packages and trips. Adam, Kevin, Ryan, and Steve-O will be on hand also to talk about B.C.I and what we have to offer as well.  We are going to have flies and our new decals for sale at a killer price 2 flies and decal for a buck, that’s right $1.00.  Quantity of these are very short and will sell fast so stop and see us early.  We are also going to have free copies of hatch charts for some of our favorite waters we like to fish.  The one thing you definitely don’t want to miss is our 2011 video which will be playing at the stand all day.  At any point in time there will be at least 2 to 3 tiers on the vise show casing the new 2012 B.C.I patterns as well as some oldies but goodies.  Make sure you take a look at the great deals Dale has going on from clothing to rods.

Hope to see you there.

It’s Too Late, You’re Already a Stakeholder!

It happened when you bought your first fly rod and bought your first fishing license.  Too bad, you need to get involved in protecting the thing you love, your addiction, your lifestyle.  Yeah, some of the gear you buy that is imported has an excise tax that directly funds conservation, but you’re still obligated to take some form of affirmative step to conserve and protect the water, species and ecosystems that fill your time.

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