Hanging with the guys from Upper St Clair Fly Fishing Club

This past week KG and I spent an evening with our old friends at the Upper St Clair Fly Fishing Club in Pittsburgh’s south hills.  We chatted with them about soft hackles, streamers and some of our favorite blue lines in western Maryland.  For the guys that were there and for those who couldn’t be there, below are the patterns we tied and the quick video we showed.

Partridge and Olive


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cUatRo boAt youGH flOat

Rob Walters Photo
Rob Walters Photo

This past Saturday myself and 3 other guides from Wilderness Voyageurs had a 4 bloat float on the Middle Yough.  This was the first time for all the clients to run down the middle at least to my knowledge.  The water was a little cloudy even at a flow of 850 c.f.s.  The rain that fell a few days earlier in the Tri-State area “PA,MD,WV” really made the river cloudy.  The fishing was up and down for all boats throughout the float.  I can only speak for my boat and my two mates, Whittey and Carlo had a slow start but finished the best way to buddies could.

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ARGO – Go chuck some bugs

When you want to float a section of water so bad you find yourself doing whatever it takes to make it happen.  Although sometimes no matter how much you do you cannot interfere with mother nature.  With that being said, she was a real BITCH last week and drop 2 inches of rain.


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2 Days of a Small Mouth World

Rob Walters Photo

This pictorial blog is from a recent 2 day trip on the Youghiogheny River.  Both days consisted of the same clients all being from Ohio.  John Rochus, which was the coordinator of the group and a fly fishing brand rep, was able to round up some good guys to come over here to Southwestern PA to fish for small mouth Bass.  The float started at Connellsville and we took out in Dawson on our first day.  The second day we put in right where we took out in Dawson and floated down to Layton.  The entire float is about 15 miles give or take, I think.  Enjoy the pictures and if you have an interest or any questions about fishing the lower Yough for small mouth leave us a comment.

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