Sulfuring Spring Creek

Another long hiatus from blog updates, lets pick up back where we left off…

Spring Creek

Morning came quick after the big night on the Little J.  KG and I cleaned up our squatters camp, and hit the river one last time.  After the feast the night before on monster bugs, the fish seemed to have completely disappeared.  Cutting our losses for the morning, we hopped in the rig and made our way up to Happy Valley.

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College Waters

Wow folks it’s been a crazy summer for this bug chucker.  I apologize to you, our followers; I have not been providing you guys with the KG blogs that you deserve.   Since the guiding slowed down I have been able to fish a few times.  I had the opportunity to hit Spring Creek up in a few locations along with taking an un-expected trip to Key West or as the locals say “The Conch”.  With that said I have a couple of blogs in the draft format and will be ready for our readers in the weeks to come.  Although for this blog I have a good spring Creek experience for you.

About a month ago I was able to sneak away to the college waters to go after some nice central PA trout.  I give the waters around State College and Loch Haven the name college waters.  These are the waters that I and many others fished while attending colleges in those areas.  I fished Spring Creek near Bellefonte in the area of the old McCoy-Linn Dam.

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