It’s that time of year folks, the snow is gone and the bugs are going to begin popping.  For the ones that have followed us from day one you know we have a thing for chasing after wild fish.  Although after a long winter we need to get a little crazy to fill that void of not fishing.  This is why we go after stockies.  Sometimes my inspiration to write posts are from key things that stick out to me from a trip. You know, that crazy experience that happens and you just run with it. Other times I look at the pictures or videos after the trip and realize, let the footage do the talking.  With that being said, B.C.I had a great time in the Allegheny National Forest/Pennsylvania Wilds stripping and ripping farm fresh brookies.  Now we did have to go searching for Mr. Wild Hog Johnson and though we did not find him but we did get into a few of his grandkids.  Enjoy

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B.C.I Western Maryland Trip

Fish of the Trip

When you take adventurous trips in life you never experience the full side of them until they are over.  We get caught up with everything that is going on during and really don’t just sit back, kick it and take it in sometimes.  B.C.I rocked another group trip to Western Maryland a few weeks ago and for the most part we kicked it.  We were able to get onto new water and into great fish.  When we go on these week-long trips and fish so much water the stories and reports can be endless.  This post will be filled with mostly pictures to tell the story.  We hope you enjoy.

Base Camp

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KG’s Western Adventure

The Snake River in Wyoming was where I fished for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes to be rewarded with 2 missed fish and one landed cutthroat.  This was the first time I fished the Snake, but this trip was not about the fishing but to try to bag a bull elk.  I drew a bull tag for the Wind River Range and was in search of filling that tag.  I am not going to bore you with the day by day scenarios of hunting, but instead give you the story in pieces and some pictures of adventure.

The trip began on a Friday afternoon from good ole southwestern PA.  Before I even got to Ohio I saw a buck from the highway and had to call Ryan to let him know since it was in his backyard.  He responded in a text that he was in stand and I just drove by him.  Funny ya know, but he wished me good luck as he headed west.

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A Look at B.C.I Fall Trip

Browns, Brooks, and Bows were all caught this past weekend while 3 B.C.I brothers camped out on the banks of the Savage.  Ryan, Steve-O, KG, and Lulu “B.C.I mascot” ventured into western MD on Friday to set up camp and to chuck bugs.  It’s always a good feeling when you know your B.C.I brothers are getting together to camp and fish.  After a few beers the camp was set up and the good times began.

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Not H’s, but getting ready.  The BCI crew is just a couple weeks away from the first of our two major trips a year.  Major in that the whole team plus a few extras will make their way to western Maryland for some good clean living.  Adam and Steve-o will head down first and camp for two nights before Ryan and Greg show up and let us into the swank condo.  KG has some work entanglements that will slow him down, but none the less the whole crew will have several solid days of hard core bug chucking.  This trip will be well chronicled in our usual mix of media.  But, that leads to some serious preparation.

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