Backyard Brookies?

Before I tell you more about mine and KG’s time on the Delaware, I first need to tell you about something really cool going on not far from my house.


What more can you ask for in your back yard, or near enough to, than a brookie stream?  About a month ago I learned of an effort by the the local middle school in conjunction with Trout Unlimited to take a  small local stream and reintroduce brook trout.  Trout in the Classroom is a fantastic program designed to introduce the down stream mind set to our nation’s youth by raising a brood of trout that they will then let go into a near by waterway.

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B.C.I Western Maryland Trip

Fish of the Trip

When you take adventurous trips in life you never experience the full side of them until they are over.  We get caught up with everything that is going on during and really don’t just sit back, kick it and take it in sometimes.  B.C.I rocked another group trip to Western Maryland a few weeks ago and for the most part we kicked it.  We were able to get onto new water and into great fish.  When we go on these week-long trips and fish so much water the stories and reports can be endless.  This post will be filled with mostly pictures to tell the story.  We hope you enjoy.

Base Camp

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A Look at B.C.I Fall Trip

Browns, Brooks, and Bows were all caught this past weekend while 3 B.C.I brothers camped out on the banks of the Savage.  Ryan, Steve-O, KG, and Lulu “B.C.I mascot” ventured into western MD on Friday to set up camp and to chuck bugs.  It’s always a good feeling when you know your B.C.I brothers are getting together to camp and fish.  After a few beers the camp was set up and the good times began.

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Just an Appetizer

This is it fans, we were back to our water that Bug Chuckers Inc. calls home.  To all our followers here at Bug Chuckers Inc. that read our last post especially the part where I stated will have a post from every day of our trip, sorry.  Due to a $24.96 per minute charge on my air card for being in a roaming area made me think otherwise on posting every night.  I thought it still might work out and we would be able to post if the house we were staying out had internet.  Once again it was a no go, the house we were staying at did not have internet access.  Enough about how we could not post last week but look forward to this upcoming week on some of our posts from the trip.

I will start it off by saying that the trip began for me Tuesday late afternoon when I met Steve-o and Adam on the banks of the Savage River.  It took me a little longer than expected to get there due the monsoon I had to drive through.  At one point I thought I should just get the raft off the trailer and row the rest of the way.  Once the rain stopped I had to hit the market up to grab a few things for the trout bums that I was about ready to meet.  The text I received asked for beer, ice, pack of menthol lights, and a few other things.  Once I got everything I began my descent down into  one of the valley’s of the Savage Mountain Range.  I rolled into camp to find my two bug chucking brothers chilling bug chucker style.

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I have my bear skin…

Bears.  That’s something Rye didn’t touch on a whole lot, other than the ones in the Pine Lodge lobby that asked where Adam was.  He makes impressions on people and animals wherever he goes, what can you say.  Growing up in south Jersey my only experiences with bears involved the Philadelphia Zoo and the occasional meeting between the Eagles and the Bears of Chicago.  I did have a run-in with one a long time ago with my brother up in New Hampshire, but that don’t really count.  Anyway, western Maryland was the first place I got to see bruins in their “wild” habitat.  Generally speaking, in and around Deep Creek/McHenry/Oakland the bears have turned into multi-hundred pound raccoons bent on getting to the trash that gluttonous vacationers toss out in marginally secure trash cans and dumpsters.

The first time I encountered them there was a pair of cubs running past the house  where I was staying.  The second, the two cubs’ mother was moseying down the street at dusk.  The third  involved an overturned “caged” trash recceptical and a pile of scat the size of a manhole cover.  The fourth was when I’m rolling with KG near the uppermost stretches on the Savage and a big sow is wandering down the road.  Kevin decides to give hot pursuit and she heads up the hill.  Last summer I was fishing with a Glock on my hip and Don had the 12 gauge on his shoulder as we fished the upper Taylor Fork, a valley boasting one of Montana’s most dense populations of brown bear.  Didn’t see one.   The most recent, and one that truly counts as an encounter was last Sunday.

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Fall Western Maryland Brookie.

I am gonna try rationality with this post. Something of which most folks don’t even ponder when they speak. If you were to think about a great time on the water, in a location of beautiful scenery, I would bet that a brookie was probably involved. If it wasn’t, well you should really get out and try native brookies on a fly. If you have done this, you would most certainly agree that these fish are awesome. They will sometimes eat a dry the size of a small boat. They are very aggresive, as well as elusive. They are constantly on the look-out for predators and still manage to cooperate by taking an anticipating anglers fly like it hasn’t fed for days. Soon they may be under fire in the state of Maryland, or at least the brookies of the Savage drainage.

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With all of the hot temps and so much “going on”, i decided it was time for a break. The flows of our favorite waters couldn’t be better and the bugs seemed to be cooperating according to some reports. Afterall, one of my personal favorite tactics is tiny dries on 14-18″ intelligent fish. With the lower flows of summer, and the fish really keying in on midges and tiny bwo’s, is there really a better time? A few invites later and the trip was ready to be carried out. Off to western Maryland we go….

This snake was THICK...even dead, my foot was too close!

One thing that has always intrigued me in the mountains of the east, are rattlesnakes. I have spent some serious time in the “hills”, on remote streams and such, and had never seen one snake. I always hear “they are everywhere”, but had never had an encounter. Well on this August 1st trip, that was about to change. In the middle of one of the remote mountain roads, a very large one had been hit by a vehicle. This thing was very large and nothing like I had imagined. I was very thankful we did not find it on a stream trail or hidden, ready to strike, behind a log we had stepped over. Caution to all, they are obviously out and on the move.

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