It’s that time of year folks, the snow is gone and the bugs are going to begin popping.  For the ones that have followed us from day one you know we have a thing for chasing after wild fish.  Although after a long winter we need to get a little crazy to fill that void of not fishing.  This is why we go after stockies.  Sometimes my inspiration to write posts are from key things that stick out to me from a trip. You know, that crazy experience that happens and you just run with it. Other times I look at the pictures or videos after the trip and realize, let the footage do the talking.  With that being said, B.C.I had a great time in the Allegheny National Forest/Pennsylvania Wilds stripping and ripping farm fresh brookies.  Now we did have to go searching for Mr. Wild Hog Johnson and though we did not find him but we did get into a few of his grandkids.  Enjoy

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It’s a Slippery Slope

It always starts so innocently.  Lets go fishing.  Sure.  I’m getting tired of night crawlers and Roostertails, those guys with the fly rods seem to be having fun.  The first few rods and reels serve you well for a while.  But, eventually, they no longer satisfy you.  The guys in the magazines are fishing with rods with names that start with S, W, T and O.  Your rod doesn’t have a name that starts with S, W, T or O.  You would catch more fish with a rod that starts with S, W, T, or O.

The pennies and dollars are scrimped and saved to purchase this top of the line rod that starts with S, W, T or O.  You research which brand, model, line weight and length is best for you.  A simple all around 9 foot 5 weight, a dry fly specialist 8’9″ 3 weight, or a meat chucking beast 9’6″ 6 weight?  You settle for the 5 weight and rationalize the expense over the amount you’d actually use a 5 weight.  Oh, but what reel?

reels 013

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