Are you Ready????

This is the time of year when most Fly Fishers are going crazy from cabin fever.  I have to admit I fall under this group, but we have to remember there can be a lot done before you hit the water.  Being prepared and having your gear ready to go may give you a good start to the season.  Hats off for those die harders that have been on the water already, regardless if you have or have not keep in mind a few of these tips that may make your season begin on a good note.

1.  Tie your flies and fill the boxes!

March 2014 007

The fly boxes are usually a first for me.  I lay all the boxes out and open them to look at all the empty voids and immediately I start to remember that those missing ones were some of the patterns that did really well for me.  Those small simple but very effective streamer patterns, the delicious looking nymph patterns, and the new stuff that has gone through this Bug Chuckers head are all flies that are on the “must tie list”.  It’s not a good feeling when you are on the water and open the box to find that favorite fly you had last year is not there.

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A Bug Chucker’s Lounge

My god, life gets in the way, and the weather has sucked.  It has been a long hard winter, streams have been frozen solid in the negative unholy temperatures.  That’s lead to virtually zero fishing…and very few posts on here.  I haven’t even had much time behind the vice…that’s about to change.

About a month ago, the lady and I decided to move out of the city and into the the burbs near my office.  The city is cool, but the commute was god awful.  Now, I’m five minutes from work.  The new place is nice, bigger, two car garage, fire place and a wood stove.  But what’s the best part?  I have claim to the entire finished basement.  13’x 20′ of my own sanctuary for all of my stuff, and things.  Once the offer was accepted I began planning how I wanted to best use the space.  I hate the term man cave, or man room, I wanted a Bug Chucker’s lounge.  A place where the BCI crew could gather, tie flies, tell stories, drink ourselves stupid while the significant others and designated drivers could enjoy the the rest of the house outside of earshot from us.  I have the place about 90% finished and want to share.

The priorities:

Tying Space

tying table 014

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Frostbite on the Toes


It’s been pretty damn cold all over the Country this past week and here in the Pan-Handle it’s been colder than normal.  Most cats would take this time to sit behind a fly tying bench and pop out fly after fly thinking what would it be like to be on the water.  Normally, I would be part of that group but my crazy ass decided to go steelhead fishing on one of the coldest days this year.  Being a government employee and not in the work force of the bug chucking industry gave me the opportunity to be off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I have a dream just like M.L.K, but it was not to go bug chucking in single digits.  Although since I did I decided to drag on a new comer to the Bug Chucking world, yeah he is as crazy as I am.  His name Is Joe but I will call him Jose Warren for this blog.

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It’s a Slippery Slope

It always starts so innocently.  Lets go fishing.  Sure.  I’m getting tired of night crawlers and Roostertails, those guys with the fly rods seem to be having fun.  The first few rods and reels serve you well for a while.  But, eventually, they no longer satisfy you.  The guys in the magazines are fishing with rods with names that start with S, W, T and O.  Your rod doesn’t have a name that starts with S, W, T or O.  You would catch more fish with a rod that starts with S, W, T, or O.

The pennies and dollars are scrimped and saved to purchase this top of the line rod that starts with S, W, T or O.  You research which brand, model, line weight and length is best for you.  A simple all around 9 foot 5 weight, a dry fly specialist 8’9″ 3 weight, or a meat chucking beast 9’6″ 6 weight?  You settle for the 5 weight and rationalize the expense over the amount you’d actually use a 5 weight.  Oh, but what reel?

reels 013

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The Dark Heart of a River Report: Part 3

Here it is, the long awaited Part Three

Here are the links to PART I and PART II

This is the final installment, but it is also the longest so I have decided against throwing many pics into this one.  Sorry, it’s just words.

North Branch  012

“Harrison checked first and was clear.  I did shortly after.  Gartley doubles over in laughter proclaiming, “nobody actually shits themselves when they’re scared, come on!”

“Harrison yells out, “Did we come here to shit ourselves or did we come here to fish?”


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The Dark Heart of a River Report: Part Two


“I began to feel badly for Gartley.  I was already three fish in from the back of the boat and he hasn’t caught anything except a few river bottom rocks and a stick.  Contented with my early success, I pull back.  Harrison pulls in the anchor and we float down river, inching our way back to inner station.”

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The Dark Heart of a River Report: Part 1

The first two nights of our recent trip KG, Adam and I spent camping along the Savage.  This has become a little bit of a tradition at the start of our spring trip every year.  Those of us who can secure the extra days off, do so and dirt bag it before the rest of the BCI crew arrives and we live it up in luxury.


Most of the time when we do this, it’s on a Monday or Tuesday and have the campground to ourselves, hopefully with a freshly cleaned, porta-john.  This year started the same way.  After we ran the N. Branch our first full day down there, we noticed an older gentleman just setting up camp a few sites down from us.  He’s by himself but clearly knows what he’s doing.  We carry-on cleaning up and making ready to throw meat on our freshly built fire.

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