Hanging with the guys from Upper St Clair Fly Fishing Club

This past week KG and I spent an evening with our old friends at the Upper St Clair Fly Fishing Club in Pittsburgh’s south hills.  We chatted with them about soft hackles, streamers and some of our favorite blue lines in western Maryland.  For the guys that were there and for those who couldn’t be there, below are the patterns we tied and the quick video we showed.

Partridge and Olive


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Backyard Brookies?

Before I tell you more about mine and KG’s time on the Delaware, I first need to tell you about something really cool going on not far from my house.


What more can you ask for in your back yard, or near enough to, than a brookie stream?  About a month ago I learned of an effort by the the local middle school in conjunction with Trout Unlimited to take a  small local stream and reintroduce brook trout.  Trout in the Classroom is a fantastic program designed to introduce the down stream mind set to our nation’s youth by raising a brood of trout that they will then let go into a near by waterway.

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Eagles and Lightening on the Delaware

Eagle and Lightening

We got on I80 in Bellefonte and made quick time east to pick up I81 north.  Once off of I81 we took a myriad of back roads overland to West Branch Angler just outside Hancock, NY.  As we pull up to the shop a thunder storm began to pour rain down on us.  We ran into the shop so KG could pick up a license and ask about a place to camp that night.  Me, being unprepared, helped the shops sales by plunking a couple Bennies down on a wading jacket…I needed a new one any way…I guess.  That jacket never saw a drop of rain the  rest of the trip…

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Sulfuring Spring Creek

Another long hiatus from blog updates, lets pick up back where we left off…

Spring Creek

Morning came quick after the big night on the Little J.  KG and I cleaned up our squatters camp, and hit the river one last time.  After the feast the night before on monster bugs, the fish seemed to have completely disappeared.  Cutting our losses for the morning, we hopped in the rig and made our way up to Happy Valley.

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Strong Start to the Summer

What happens in the span of some months is inconsequential, some months much more happens.  As you get older you feel more for the months and time that gets written off.  You also recognize the time that becomes priceless and you know immediately that they are burnt indelibly into your mind’s deep recesses, never to be forgotten.  The six weeks from the start of June to mid July has been that for me.  The next several posts will be about these awesome six weeks.  The lapse in posts has been inexcusable other than the fact, do you really want to read about my grass cutting, and KG’s battles on the parks and rec front?  Not really, KG is awesome, but he is not Ron Swanson…

June July Co

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It’s that time of year folks, the snow is gone and the bugs are going to begin popping.  For the ones that have followed us from day one you know we have a thing for chasing after wild fish.  Although after a long winter we need to get a little crazy to fill that void of not fishing.  This is why we go after stockies.  Sometimes my inspiration to write posts are from key things that stick out to me from a trip. You know, that crazy experience that happens and you just run with it. Other times I look at the pictures or videos after the trip and realize, let the footage do the talking.  With that being said, B.C.I had a great time in the Allegheny National Forest/Pennsylvania Wilds stripping and ripping farm fresh brookies.  Now we did have to go searching for Mr. Wild Hog Johnson and though we did not find him but we did get into a few of his grandkids.  Enjoy

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