A Yough Report!!!!!!!


I can’t believe we are already through the month of May.  It seems like those winter months drag on and on but our spring months go by so fast.  I hope everyone has been able to get out on the water this year to wet a line.  I ran my second trip down the river “middle Yough”  with a couple returning clients, Dan and Frank.  These guys are a great duo to guide, our second year on the river and I hope for more years to come.

The H2O level was a little higher than average yesterday with a flow of 2000 c.f.s.  The water was little colored with minimal visibility.  Water temperature was around 47 degrees.  Maryland got a lot of rain that week prior bringing the levels of the Casselman and Luarel up.  They also open the gates at the dam, again addingto high water levels up in the 3 and 4 thousand range.  With the flow and a back wind we got pushed down the river pretty fast.  The back wind is very uncommon on the middle Yough especially through the flats but I was not complaining.

Myself holding one of Franks bows

The fly fishing float was from Confluence, PA to Ohiopyle, PA.  This is Wilderness Voyaguers most popular fly fishing float for Trout.  We got on the water around 9:00 a.m and within the first 45 minutes two big rainbows to the boat.  Dan was using a fly called “Danny Candy” a nymph pattern that was heavy and buggy.  Frank was chucking a “Frankenstein Special” once again another great looking nymph pattern.  The guys used these patterns for the majority of the float and they produced fish the length of the river.


We tried throwing streamers on a swing but with the current being so strong and the anchor not holding it was hard.  The guy’s nymphed majority of the float and it produced about a dozen healthy rainbows.  All the rainbows were big with 2 of them being cookie cutters.  Dan had the biggest which was around 18 and some change but Frank had the best hook up.  Halfway through the float Frank hooks a rainbow and before I could do anything this fish jumps out of the water and right at the boat.  It truly kamikaze our asses!  I think it jumped 5 feet and would have gone further but it smacked the side of the boat.  It made for good laughs.  Dan was able to stretch his nice G-Loomis 5 wt. out and Frank was able to pop the cherry on his two new rods.


It was a great day on the water considering the conditions.  Dan and Frank are two great friends that team up to make a good time on the river for a guide.  I hope to see them both in the fall.

100_2059That’s not all, I made my way back out to the water this past Tuesday.  We got back into those feisty fish.  Conditions were the same with the exception of lower water levels.  With the lower levels the water became clearer.  We had some more bug activity with seeing mainly Caddis but it was great to see 2 Sulphers and a sporadic March Brown hatch.  With this little cold snap we are getting here in western PA, I expect to see our sulphers, drakes and marchies on the water by the second week of June.  Streamer fishing was slow.  We decided to fish some runs looking for new feeding channels, structures, but most of all holding fish.  I was able to connect with one nice rainbow with a dry.  Also a nice CUTBOW was hooked, if there are any doubters just ask Brian from Falls City Pub, he was one of my buddies on the water that day.    A lot of fishing rigs have been running this stretch of water this year.

Steve-O, Adam , and I will be making our way down to our Adoptive Home Waters tomorrow.  Hopefully we can update conditions better this year than last.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day and don’t forget about all of our Bug Chucking brothers that are in the armed forces.



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