ARGO – Go chuck some bugs

When you want to float a section of water so bad you find yourself doing whatever it takes to make it happen.  Although sometimes no matter how much you do you cannot interfere with mother nature.  With that being said, she was a real BITCH last week and drop 2 inches of rain.


Steve-o and I were on the Clarion as it was pumping 1500 c.f.s.  We started in Johnsonburg and floated down to Ridgeway.  The float is 8 miles long and normally takes 3 1/2 hours and that’s on the fast side.  We did it in 2 hours flat.  The water before the monsoon was flowing near 325 which would have made the flow booyaaa perfect.

Like I said in the previous post, Question, to float or not to float?  Well as you see above we floated.  It was a fast float, no fish, and at one point,  inches of oh hell.  Towards the end of the float Steve-o was on the oars and we were approaching a bridge.  At the distance it looked like we had plenty of room to make it under.  As we got closer it began to look tighter and tighter and as the current swept us under the bridge we had only inches to make it.  It defiantly would have made you pucker

All in all the float was more about going for a ride rather than fishing.  We still chucked some big bugs to no avail.  We took out at Country Squirrel Outfitters in Ridgeway,   A great little shop in a great little town.  We had lunch at Lumberjacks which I would recommend just make sure they have beer before ordering food.


The next day we got into some fish in high water.  We fished a couple of streams in the A.N.F.  The fish we caught were all on streamers.  They didn’t fight much and I believe it was because they were tired from trying to hold in the fast water.  Although it was nice to do some jaw reconstruction on some stockies.


The fly above is the “mini brown trout assassin”.  That fly along with olive and white streamers worked really well.  Saw some bait boys catching fish on hardware and bait.  You had to know streams real well and where fish would lay to be able to get into them because no matter where you went you could not see fish.  The water was high everywhere up north.


The weather was shit the whole time except for Sunday when we were leaving.  Cold, wet, windy great recipe to be around a campfire or in the cabin pregaming for some shovel board action at one of the local pubs in town.  Before the fishing day was over and us getting into what I just said we caught a few more stockies.


During Steve-O and I may-laying of stockies, a cousin that goes by the name Sir Logan showed up.  We fished together until it was time to return to camp for some grub and booze.  On the way back we decided or better yet I decided to take the more adventurous way.  I decided to take a few forest service roads “FR” that lead to no motor vehicle trails that led us to the middle of nowhere but it was all on the way back to camp.  At one point we got a little nervous when we came up to a gate that was closed.  Thank God it was not locked.  In all the craziness Logan had to get a hard on by doing a jeep thing,  I was a little jealous.


We got back to the cabin, started on some remedies and began planning our night.  The first stop had to be Marlin’s Haven.

photo-1We think he must have been called back to the Indiana Jones set at Disney World because he was not home.  The second stop was at the one and only Kelly Hotel where we got some good shovel board playing in.  It almost got to a point to where I was going to tell some asshole to step outside but I had to show all the minors that we dragged into the bar that we are better than that.  You know who you are.


Yeah Steve-O is one bad mamba jamba on the board.  Played a few games and decided that we needed to head across the street to Lucky’s.  Lucky’s was where it was at.  We closed the bar and somehow made our way back to camp around 2:30 a.m and then we still partied until 3 or 4.  The trout opener weekend was more about having a good time than catching fish.  I think we honestly can say we made that happen even though it rained the whole flipping time.

The fishing has been very good since last weekend as I talked to a buddy that fished some of the same waters and he has done well.  Water levels are back to normal and the fish are biting.  If you plan on heading up to the Allegheny National Forest anytime soon to fish, hike, explore and have questions give us shout.

Hope everyone has gotten on the water this year and good luck.




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