Question! Float or not to Float?

The time has come again to head north to camp for the annual opening day of trout season.  The opening day of trout season is a weekend that the men in my family and close friends can get together to enjoy a weekend of relaxing, beer drinking, and a little fishing for some stockies.  I am not one that makes it a point to catch stocked fish and battle other guys for a hole, especially families with kids.  I actually like to see the kids catch the stocked fish.

I leave in T-Minus 5 hours to enjoy the comradely of the family and friends.  As of now Steve-O and I plan on floating the Clarion.  The water level was looking great until they got hit with an inch and half of rain yesterday.  With all of mother natures tears it brought the water up 2 feet.  The level was ideal at 2.3 but will still give it a go and let you know next week what it was like.  Steve-O said this morning it might be flowing so fast we could run it twice.  Whatever we do the post next week will be good.

The pattern below is the Bug of the Month for April.  I call it “Bad Medicine” and you just might see a picture of a fish with it in the mouth next week.


If you are going to be on the water this weekend or anytime before May 1 you must not only have a P.F.D on the water craft but you must be wearing it.  This is a new law this year.  Good luck if you are going out to take part in the opening day of trout season or if you are out doing any other types of fishing.

One last thing, Joel our cowboy friend if you are reading this stop by the cabin for some banquet beer.



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