The Cabin Fever Itch

B.C.I was recently at Cabin Fever, a fly fishing show in Western PA and would like to thank everyone that stop by to talk or to buy some of the great items we had.  This was the second year we were set up at the show.  It was good to see that we had fellow bug chuckers coming up to us to see how we have been over the year and to let us know that they have followed us on the blog.  Once again thank you to all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe fly we featured at the show was the Kryptonite Leech.  Click on the Bug of the month tab and check it out.

Shifting from the Cabin Fever show to my actual cabin fever feeling is what I want to share with you in this blog.  As a fly fishing junkie I have that desire and the will to find open water to fish during the cold winter months.  We all have done it, get up when it’s dark, deal with iceberg cold waders, frozen guides, no buddies to go with, and the dog that looks at you like your freaking crazy when you tell her lets go fish.  That being said I spend the winter months creating and tying flies like a mad man.

I know it’s time to start tying when I go through the fly boxes and look at the empty spaces.  I see these open spots and think of the flies that once filled these voids, but now are in a tree or on the bottom of a stream.  I remember how good those flies hunted for me and know that it’s time to start replacing them.  I tie about 85% of my own flies that I use.  The other 15%percent consist of those piss ass small midges and the technical dry flies that the old purists tend to tie.  I trade or buy to acquire that 15%.  I like to say that I fall under the  younger generation of trout bums that like to throw big nasties compared to the old schoolers that like to rock the L.L.Bean and Orvis gear.  Sorry, but I know I pissed a few of our followers off by saying that.  OK maybe I wear some of that shit but it was given to me.


It’s a great feeling when you get those streamer boxes filled for the upcoming season.  Although when they get filled your itch becomes more noticeable to get out on the water.  The picture above is what my streamer boxes look like.  Some may say I am crazy to throw that “big shit” and my response to them is, they are more crazy because they don’t throw it.

Enough of me babbling on, lets look at 2 of my flies for 2013.  I can’t wait to have these flies hunt for me.  I technically don’t have the permanent name for this first one so, if anyone has suggestions leave a comment.  As of now I will call this one below “The Minnow”.


What makes this fly better is when I tie it in an Articulated form.  I have to say it’s pretty nice especially, when I tested it in the bathtub, didn’t catch anything though.


If you like using streamers especially zonkers you would love chucking this minnow.  As of now I am going to make this the fly of the month for March so check the Bug of the Month Page out for the recipe.  The “Minnow” might be a big fly for some but for big nasty bug chuckers like myself this is nothing.  I hope you are ready for “The Brown Trout Assassin”.  I came up with this pattern after several years of research and design.  OK, not really just wanted to say that.  The truth is I came up with it while drinking so-co and watching a Pens game.  With out further a due, I present a K.G original Big Nasty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaybe the above picture does not show it justice but this fly is 4” long.  Take a look at the fish skull head below.  If you are familiar with fish skull heads, this is the largest they come.  I added the red and black dots to the head.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce again the picture makes it look smaller but here is one more.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had to dot the tail, it makes the fly look a little more nasty, don’t you think?  The fly recipe and instruction on this fly and patterns like this are so damn long it becomes stupid to list.

I guess this blog is my little fix for the end of the cabin fever season.  I never listened to that stupid ass rodent in Punxy, PA but I think we are on the edge of the Spring season even though we got 4-6 inches of white shit last night.  It’s coming soon and that’s a mother nature promise.

Oh did I say the winter months are also the time to ponder spring trips but more importantly, to grow a Mountain Man Beard!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET SOME




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