The Kryptonite Leech


The Kryptonite Leech is this months fly and will be the featured at Cabin Fever this Sunday.  This pattern was created by combining several similar patterns together.  I began fishing this pattern when I lived in Alaska and as you see above I had to use the custom-built Pebble Mine sign.  I have used this pattern on all sizes of water and in lakes and ponds.  It works great for Trout and Bass but will catch other species as well.  Tying it in black and white can be just as effective if you like tying/fishing those colors.  The pictures below will show some of the steps and materials used in tying the Kryptonite Leech.


I like to use several different types of streamer hooks when tying my leeches.  This hook happens to be a Daiichi 1750 size 6.  The tail is olive pine squirrel with olive flashabou tied in with it.  I normally tie this pattern with a lead underwrap to give it more weight but that is optional.  The thread choice is an Olive 6/0 by Danville’s.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter tying the tail in make sure you have enough pine squirrel to run to the front of your hook for the collar.  When the tail is done you are ready for your body.  When tying your body material remember that you can use any type of material that you can wrap, chenille, spun dubbing or in my case medium size olive estaz.  I wrap the estaz to where I have enough space,”size of another bead head” behind the head.  At this point I bring the Pine Squirrel forward.


Once I have the Pine Squirrel strip tied in you can still see that I have excess and that’s what you want.  At this point you are ready for your rubber legs.  If you pull your squirrel strip back it is easier to tie in the legs.  The legs used in this pattern are speckled olive Sili Legs.  When you have your legs tied in go ahead and begin to wrap a collar right behind the head.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce you have wrapped your collar take look if you have thread building up behind the head.  This may happen if you have a thick piece of Pine squirrel like I have in the picture above.  If this is the case take some Ice Dub or pine squirrel hairs and spin it in for another collar.  This will hide your thread wraps and you can tie your thread off.  A couple of things to do before throwing it in your fly box is to make sure your legs are the same size on both sides and to trim any flash that may stick out beyond the squirrel tail.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like to use Pine Squirrel because of the small size of each strip.  It fits the proportion of the fly.  If you try to use rabbit strips you will see that it will be too big.  Once again this will be the feature fly that I will be tying at Cabin Fever.  If interested in Cabin Fever check out our post prior to this one and it will give you all the information and details about the show.

"The Kryptonite Leech"
“The Kryptonite Leech”



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