Ghosts of Erie


Two of the Bug Chuckers Inc. co-founders took a midnight run to give it a go at the Ghosts of Erie.  Steelhead ghosts that is.  They rolled into a Quality Inn around 1:00 a.m only to have the desk clerk tell us are room # was 231 and that was the gay room.  The first thing that came to mind to Adam and K.G was, what the fuck and secondly, who the hell hires someone like this but then again its Quality Inn.  The guys got a few hours of sleep before they got to the water.  They were the first ones there and the first ones into the fish.

The fish were active for the first part of the morning with multiple hook-ups.  The guys were fishing the Elk at its upper reaches.  The fish were schooled up since the water was low and clear.  There was not a lot of fish in this stretch of the Elk but being there early we were able to get into a nice run with no one around.

The guys were having luck with sucker spawn, crystal meth, and eggs in the early morning.  All flies that the traditional fly fisherman love using.  As the morning went on they began to hit nymphs.  Mostly small nymphs, size 16 but, the Halloween Stoney did produce.  Which was the bug of the month for November as you see below.

October – The HALLOWEEN STONEY!  This fly is a great stonefly pattern for trout but more than that a killer pattern for Steelhead.  It’s a great pattern that could be substituted with any color to make it a good looking pattern.


Hook- Tiemco 200 R size 8

Tail- Hot Orange Goose Biots

Body- Large Black V-rib with Hot Orange Med. Ultra Wire

Thorax- U.V Black Ice Dub

Wingcase- Pheasant Tail

Legs- Speckled Hot Orange centipede/rubber

Head- 3/16 cyclops nickel

You have to tie this pattern in different colors and you will be glad that you did.  Once again it’s a great pattern and when you fish this you will be rewarded with fish like this one below.


The fish fought hard and the rods were bending.

Above, K.G was using one of his favorite rods he has ever built.  The 907 Stick, “Sage VT2 9’6” 8wt.”.  He combo the rod with a Ross CLA and Rio line.  Adam had a 9′ T.F.O Pro Series 8 wt. with a Ross CLA as well.

The guys fished hard all day to be rewarded with many hook-ups and landed fish.  The two fish that stick out the most was Adams first ever Steelhead and K.G’s monster.

These flies here are what the guys had a lot of luck with.


Two great fish, Two great friends, and one great day chasing after the ghosts of Erie.

Bug Chuckers Inc.


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