B.C.I will present Fly Fishing Western Maryland

Bug Chuckers Inc. will be rocking the house at the Tri-County Trout Club on Wednesday, November 14, 2012.  The show will begin at 7:30 and will consist of a B.C.I exclusive presentation, Fly Fishing Western Maryland. Along with our fly tying and informative lectures of the presentation we here at B.C.I are excited to reveal our new video by Wood Knocking Productions, “Adopted Waters”.

The location of the show is at Burrell Lake Park, 201 Delberta Rd., Lower Burrell, PA 15068.  The Tri- County Trout Club website link is listed below and it includes directions as well.


We also will be raffling 2 fly boxes.  The first box will be a Steelhead selection that you see below.  The second box is a Western Maryland fly box.  Both fly boxes are doubled sided and are filled with over 100 flies each.  Don’t want to miss your opportunity to win either one of these.  Also we will be having a silent auction on a 3rd fly box.  All proceeds from the 3rd box will go to the American Red Cross to help with the relief efforts of Hurricane Sandy.

The other side of the steelhead box is packed with great streamer patterns.

The opposite side of this box is also loaded with great flies that consist of midges, nymphs, dries, and everything else you need no matter what time of the year for Western Maryland.  You name it and B.C.I got it in there for you.

Everyone in attendance will receive a B.C.I decal along with hatch charts and maps.  Maps are limited.  This is going to be a great show and look forward to the video.
If you have any questions about the show feel free to contact us here at B.C.I and we hope to see you there.


Bug Chuckers Inc.


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