KG’s Western Adventure

The Snake River in Wyoming was where I fished for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes to be rewarded with 2 missed fish and one landed cutthroat.  This was the first time I fished the Snake, but this trip was not about the fishing but to try to bag a bull elk.  I drew a bull tag for the Wind River Range and was in search of filling that tag.  I am not going to bore you with the day by day scenarios of hunting, but instead give you the story in pieces and some pictures of adventure.

The trip began on a Friday afternoon from good ole southwestern PA.  Before I even got to Ohio I saw a buck from the highway and had to call Ryan to let him know since it was in his backyard.  He responded in a text that he was in stand and I just drove by him.  Funny ya know, but he wished me good luck as he headed west.

The drive was going good until about 2:30 a.m on I-80 in Illinois when my Dad and I woke up to a loud bang and brakes being applied by my buddy Brant.  He said we just got a flat tire on the trailer.  Since I was sitting in the front passenger seat I was able to look in the side mirror and see that sparks were flying and that there was no tire or rim to be seen.  When we came to a complete stop and got out to assess the situation we knew we were screwed.  We not only loss the tire and rim but needed an entire Hub assembly from the axle.  So what do you do in the middle of nowhere of Illinois at 2:30 a.m needed those parts……you go to Wal-Mart.  Obviously, they did not have the parts we needed but after talking to a local dude he was able to give us a telephone number to an outfit that handled trailer parts.  We gave the number a call around 4:30 a.m thinking we would get an answering machine with business hours.  Well we were surprise when an old lady answered the phone wanting to know why the hell we were calling so early.  The number was right but the business was number was also the home number for these folks.  We explained to the lady our problem and surprising enough she told us she would meet us at her shop in a few hours.  We met her and were able to get the correct parts and headed back 45 miles to our trailer which was on the side of the highway with one wheel, a jack and blocks of wood holding it up.

We got the trailer fixed and were back on the road.  I am going to skip a few days of the adventure to begin by saying he hunted for a couple of days and did not see any Elk but were having a good time being in Wyoming.  Although I have to say if you are ever in Dubois, WY you have to stop in and see the Worlds largest Jackalope Exhibit…….I had to post this picture because I can’t make this shit up.

The See It, Touch It, and Believe It is for real.  After 4 days of hunting and still no Elk I had to get some fishing in, so I took the 4×4 about an hour and half into the back country from camp to fish Moon Lake.

The lake did hold fish but I didn’t have any luck but the ride out and back was so nice even though it was rocky as hell as you see in the picture below.

We hunted on the 5th day and I was able to get to some nice high points to glass and the views were great.  At that point I was not afraid to make that 1000 yard shot…….MAYBE.

After hunting really hard for 5 days all of us except for Dad decided to head into Jackson/Snake River for the day.  I had to hit up all the fly shops in town that consisted of Jack Dennis and the Orvis shop.  The Orvis shop had a great fly selection along with everything else Orvis has to offer.  Jack Dennis shop was a little better in my opinion when it came to info. on where to fish and what to be using when I was there.

Before I headed out to the Snake we grabbed some lunch at the Snake River Brewery, which in my opinion is a must go if you are ever in Jackson Hole, WY.  Not only did I represent B.C.I ON the tank outside but also in the head as well.

The Snake River Brewery has a great beer choice and food. I recommend the Paco IPA, which is brewed in honor of the former brewery mascot.  So once I got a good buzz at 11:45 a.m on the Paco we headed to the Snake!

Like I said in the beginning I fished the Snake for just a short time with some success from using some tips and info. from the guys from Jack Dennis fly shop.  The fish I missed and caught were smaller but still nice fish.  I caught the one on a guides choice nymph and missed a couple of others on a KG nymspecial.  The trip into Jackson for the day was a good break from hunting and it let me to get a couple good pictures of Wyoming’s best country.

To quote one of my favorite actors, Sam Elliot, “So enough said.”  The end of the trip went like this, one last day to hunt and knowing it would be tough since we did not see anything the 5 days earlier.  We teamed up as a group to do a southwestern PA drive in Wyoming except for pap, that was to tired and decided to sleep in the trailer.  So here I was on the last morning of the hunt and I was walking across the bottom of a valley with blue skies and bright sun above me.  I look up the valley and all of sudden notice horns in the brush.  Oh my GOSH this is it, Freaking game time…..I hit the ground and pulled the gun up to see what laid up on me 100 yards up the valley.  I laid there for 30 minutes wishing and hoping this was an Elk and before I knew it the mysterious big game animal stood up and presented itself as a small and I mean small bull Moose “2×3”. Mother Trucker!!!!!!!!  I really wished I had a bull moose tag at that time instead of a Bull Elk tag because I would have smoked this fricker at this point in my hunt.

Along with the one Bull Moose I would have smoked all three of these bitches if I could……..

Ya know they call it hunting for a reason but for me the trip was about one thing more than trying to get a bull Elk.  It was about spending time with two good friends of the family and especially being able to do a trip like this with my father and grandfather.  Doing that means more than anything else.  I dedicate this post to my father and grandfather.

I promise the next post that I put out there will be a rocking and rolling crazy blog that all you expect to see from me but in the meantime let me know what you want to hear about especially since the steelhead are here for a while.  By the way I had to slap a Wyoming Rental Rig with a B.C.I Decal on it.



2 thoughts on “KG’s Western Adventure

  1. Drove past the Jackelope store just last week while on our own family western odyssey. Didn’t get to wet a line but did get to absorb the Big Horn, Fire Hole, Madison and Gallatin rivers. Our son and grand kids are in Big Sky, Montana for the winter. They fished the Gallatin just last week and did quite well. The brothers are twelve and have become fly fishers here ( the Savage, Casselman and Neshannock flows as well as bluegill, perch and walleye FLY fishers on Deep Creek Lake).
    Do enjoy your blog, keep it going please. My business is making art based on themes that are of personal interest to me…one of which is fllyfishing. Maybe we can share notes some time. I’m writing this in my best chair, in front of the fire, minutes from the Savage. Glad you enjoy it as we do. RH Yonke.

    1. Bob, It’s some great country out there especially in the areas of the rivers you described. Your grand kids have some good water to excel in their fly fishing skills and experience. Glad you enjoy the blog and we plan on adding more to it before spring arrives. Feel free to contact us anytime to talk fly stuff and we do have some themes you may like.
      Take Care,

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