Part II of B.C.I Fall Trip

The 2nd part of B.C.I Fall trip consisted of a short fishing expedition to the Yough, “Sunday morning”.  Since water conditions were really low and warm, the outing did not consist of a normal fishing day.  The Upper Yough has been very low the past 2 months, where is the rain? Ryan was throwing his new rod, a 9′ 5 wt. Winston Passport, Steve-O was whipping his 12′ 6” Reddington CPX Spey rod, and KG was using his Olympus Stylus camera.  We will be chucking more pictures at you in this blog than words so enjoy.

Steve-O chucking 100% Tube

The tube flies that Steve-O tied up looked so delicious that the boys almost started nibbling on them for breakfast a few hours before.

Ryan opted for the no wader day but instead the power pumping cast situation.  Only Jesus could walk across that glassy water and hook up with fish.

It was no problem for Steve-O to chuck his tube bug 50+ feet to the prime spot as you can see in the above and below pictures.

The spey rod fishing has picked up and has become more popular on the East coast in the last 10 years.  It can be the way to fish when fishing bigger water like the Youghiogheny River.  In the early spring and late fall fishing streamers with a spey from the bank can be better than fishing your normal 9′ rod.  You are able to cast further and cover more water.  When doing this at these times of the year you don’t need to present the fly right in the face of the fish.  The fish are hungry and will move for food, so if you get the fly in the area of fish and they want it they will take it.

The above picture of Ryan looks like the one of him above but notice his casting arm further out from his body.  Remember when fishing from the bank or in a deeper hole if you are wading pumping or pushing or roll cast outward you will be able to throw a few more feet of line.  Sometimes that’s all you need to get to where the fish are.
If you are interested in general casting techniques or want to know more about spey casting or spey fishing on East Coast waters drop us a line and will answer any questions the best we can.

What’s coming up for B.C.I?  K.G will be heading to Wyoming to do some fishing on the Wind River and possibly heading down into the wedding of the waters.  Steve-O will be at the editing table preparing our video for the Tri- County Trout Club presentation in November.  Adam will be trout jumping from state to state with work hoping to get some bug chucking under his belt.  Ryan and Greg got that whitetail bug right now and will be in search of a Pope and Young buckaroo.

Don’t forget about our contest we have going on.  The first person to get 9 of their friends to like Bug Chuckers Inc. on Facebook will receive a free decal like the one below.

Hope you enjoyed the 2 part Fall B.C.I trip and feel free to hit the comment board up on what you think or what you may want to see as the fall and winter seasons come.

Bug Chuckers Inc.


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