A Look at B.C.I Fall Trip

Browns, Brooks, and Bows were all caught this past weekend while 3 B.C.I brothers camped out on the banks of the Savage.  Ryan, Steve-O, KG, and Lulu “B.C.I mascot” ventured into western MD on Friday to set up camp and to chuck bugs.  It’s always a good feeling when you know your B.C.I brothers are getting together to camp and fish.  After a few beers the camp was set up and the good times began.

Before the 3 amigos got to shit face they decided to hit the PHD hole for an evening fish.

As you can see in the picture above water conditions were really low @ 38 c.f.s with a stain color.  They have been low and stained for several weeks now with the water temp staying consistent as to be expected around the mid to high 50’s.  The temp will vary a little becoming a few degrees warmer towards the mouth.  The action was pretty slow Friday night with an occasional rising fish.  A few fish followed and looked at a small white streamer of KG’s.  Ryan and Steve-O went back and forth with dry’s and nymphs with minimum action.  Once it got to dark to see anything the guys made their way back to camp to continue the drinking.

Ryan was pounding the Cold Rockie Mountain Coors, Steve-O was sipping on some aged whiskey that ended up becoming a great fire starter, and KG had this “fully loaded” drink, which consisted of a shot of Lime tequila poured into a Land-shark beer.  Although the guys did have some good ole’ P.B.R on hand.

A 5 ***** meal was prepared late into the night that consisted of Deer sticks as an appetizer followed by ballpark beef dogs escorted by sour cream and onion chips.  The night when on discussing the future and the next level of B.C.I. Before the guys hit the crash pads they declared the most drunken one there to be on Honey Badger watch.  That award went to B.C.I mascot Lulu, she was drinking the same “fully loaded” drinks as KG.

When the morning came the guys were welcomed with cloudy skies, the feeling of rain, and mild hangovers.  They knew it was not going to be the best day especially after Lulu threw up.  The guys were not sure if it was from the beer the night before or if it was from eating Steve-O Patagonia sandals during the night.  A pop-tart breakfast was toasted over the fire with a little go-go juice to go with.  The guys decided to fish at the wire pool and work their way down stream.  The conditions were the same as they were the night before.  Steve-O was the first to get into the action by landing a nice brown trout with big spots.

The picture above does not show justice for the fish, so here is a few more. Steve-O picked this fish up on one of his t.g.t “to go to” patterns.  We were unable to get approval to release a picture of this pattern by the time of posting.  Nothing better than big spots on big small water browns.

The wire pool is where KG caught his fish memorial day weekend.  The air temp was warmer and the fish were taking midges.  The guys fished this run until working their way down stream.  They began fishing true pocket water until the bend where several runs emerged.  KG was the first one down to the bend.  He was fishing the same white streamer that he was using the night before.  The first run produced for him and he was able to land a beautiful brook trout.  It was holding against several big boulders which were at the head of the run.  KG could not remember if Lulu ever had a brook trout kiss so he tried to get the shot and as the camera flashed the fish said goodbye.

One good thing did come out of this picture is that KG now has a hand modeling job with some watch manufacture in London.  Unfortunately, no dog food companies has contacted us about Lulu being in commercials.  The guys fished the long stretch before they grouped up again at the next big pool.  By that time the rain was upon us and KG and Lulu headed back to camp while Ryan and Steve-O fished down to the PHD hole.  A few fish were caught and a few more missed.

The rain came and went and by that time the guys were at the camp getting a game plan for the afternoon.  KG fished a run right next to camp hooking into a rainbow on a light blue quill.

He saw the bow rise right when he got onto the water.  He thought it was for a midge so he fished a midge with no luck.  He switched over to a nymph rig and once again no luck.  He noticed a blue quill come off the water and he re-rigged to match the hatch and on the 2nd cast he was rewarded.  At times and especially on the savage you sometimes just need to stop casting, sit back and pay attention to what the fish are taking or whats coming off the water.  This sometimes will save you time and aggravation when trying to catch that rising fish.

The guys decided to head down stream and start fishing below the dam.  They jumped pools all the way down to the Allegheny foot bridge.  Here are a couple of pictures from the bridge.

This is KG’s B.T. bugger laying on the steel cable that holds the bridge 30 plus feet above the biggest pool on the Savage.  Fly Recipe consists of;

Hook – Mustad 9671 Size 8

Tail – Lt. Brown Marabou & Copper Flashabou

Body – Variegated Buttercup Yellow and Brown       chenille & Dark Tan Hackle

Head – 3/16 Cyclops bead

The guys fished these few big pools and were able to get a pretty brown trout to pose with Lulu for a fish kiss or should we say a fish sniff.

The boys called it a day after the afternoon fish and decided to head back to camp to relax and take it all in.  Some amazing Deer steaks were cooked over the open fire that night for dinner and were washed down with great booze.  We put a game plan together for the next morning expedition and you can check that post out next week.  Before we wrap it up on this post here are a few things to know about the Savage.

If you are planning a trip to the Savage or Western MD than check out U.S.G.S website, http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/rt to get an idea of stream conditions and flows.

Also if you are planning to fish the Savage towards the end of the month you want to be aware of this.

If you are a white water junky like some of the Bug Chuckers Inc. guys, than you don’t want to miss this.  That’s a lot of water in a small narrow canyon.  Lastly, be aware of all wader washes.  Before and after fishing a waterway take advantage of these wader washes.

They don’t put these there to make it look like they care, they put them there because they do care and you the fisherman need to take advantage of this to save other waterways from invasive alga.

One last thing, the guys of B.C.I are fortunate to do these kinds of trips a couple of times a year as a group.  We hope you our followers enjoy reading our posts and hopefully you are able to take something away from these blogs.  If it’s fly fishing tips, reports of stream conditions, fly tying recipes, rod building instruction, watching our videos, or just even a good laugh than we are doing what we set out to do.

Bug Chuckers Inc.


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