College Waters

Wow folks it’s been a crazy summer for this bug chucker.  I apologize to you, our followers; I have not been providing you guys with the KG blogs that you deserve.   Since the guiding slowed down I have been able to fish a few times.  I had the opportunity to hit Spring Creek up in a few locations along with taking an un-expected trip to Key West or as the locals say “The Conch”.  With that said I have a couple of blogs in the draft format and will be ready for our readers in the weeks to come.  Although for this blog I have a good spring Creek experience for you.

About a month ago I was able to sneak away to the college waters to go after some nice central PA trout.  I give the waters around State College and Loch Haven the name college waters.  These are the waters that I and many others fished while attending colleges in those areas.  I fished Spring Creek near Bellefonte in the area of the old McCoy-Linn Dam.

I have to say the PA Fish and Boat Commissions Stream Habitat division did one hell of a job on that stretch of beat.  The story behind that area is at one time this site was a dam and years ago it was taken out and the ¼ mile stretch had no stream structure and considered dead water, until now.  Take a look at the pictures below and look close at the river edges and boulders that are placed randomly in the river.

I stopped in at the TCO shop in State College to get the scoop on the water and fishing conditions.  The guys there are great and are willing to tell you the truth about where the fishing is the best.  Check them out at or give them a call at 814-689-3654.  After talking to them for a while and picking up a few tying materials I was on my way to the beat.  On my way I was able to get a picture of that no good son of bitch Sandusky’s new home, “The Penitentiary”.

The weather was great for a half day of fishing.  Sunshine and blue skies with the occasional clouds passing over blessed me with half of what I need to have a great day on the water.  The other half came when I landed the first fish on the 3rd cast.  Not bad for Spring Creek considering I was fishing a run right next to the parking lot.  It was a small brown trout on a fly that George Daniels fishes a lot.  The pattern can be found in his book Dynamic Nymphing as well as in the mouth of this fish below.

I fished my way upstream until I got into a nice run with a deeper pool in the middle of it.  I chucked the nymph rig that I had rigged up and had no luck.  I remembered the guys at the shop telling me to fish small nymphs and with that said I tied on a size 8 KG leech.  What happened next reminded me of the movie Eastern Rises that stars Frank Smethurst and Ryan Peterson and directed by Travis Rummel and Ben Knight.  In the movie which is about big rainbows in Kamchatka, Russia there is a part where several rainbows were following a fly pattern and the biggest of the three showed its dominance and pounded the bug.  Like I said what happened next was, three rainbows came up from the bottom “moving at least 7 feet” leaving only the dominant and the bigger bow taking the leech.  Obviously, I set the hook like Steve-o’s favorite baseball player hitting a grand slam.  The fight was on and after a minute the bow was in hand.

I decided to fish the KG leech the rest of the way back with picking up a couple more bows, this being one of the healthy trout.

Nothing big but definitely respectable for how much this water is fished.  I got back to the lot pool and decided to wade back across.  As I got half way across I realized it was getting deeper and deeper and the current was getting faster and faster, but since I was wet wading I said what the hell.  I made it out onto the other side to realize that I was wet up to the chest and my ass is 6’5’’.  I shook myself off like a wet dog and decided the few hours on this beat of Spring Creek treated me pretty well.

My next stop was Fly Fisherman’s Paradise.  I knew the water was going to be low but wanted to check it out anyways.  I rolled down into the Paradise to confirm my expectation of low water but decided to chuck a bug or two in hope of a spinner fall hatch.  To make a 2 hour fishing expedition short I can sum it up as, no spinners and spooky fish although I caught a small brown.  At the end of the day I considered it great day for the books as a bug chucker.

Remember to always stop in at the local fly shop to check conditions and reports of the nearby waters.  Don’t be afraid to explore new sections of waters and to throw big bugs because you just might be surprised of how awarding it can be.  If anyone is interested or wanting to fish the College Waters give us Bug Chuckers a shout to help you out on your next trip to the center of PA.



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