Some Things to Check Out

First Off, if you haven’t heard about the fight against Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay region in Alaska you’ve been under a rock.  Get out from under your rock, get some sunshine and learn-up on some Pebble Mine.  Today was the last day to voice your opinion to the EPA in opposition to the mining project.  I hope many [all] of you had the chance to air your thoughts.  You don’t have to live somewhere to value the resource.  If you ever want to go fish the Bristol Bay area or even want your grandchildren to have the chance to fish the prolific salmon runs then you had every right to make your opinion known to the EPA.  The government will issue its decision whether to permit the mining project in the near future.  Lets pray that the EPA has its head and heart in the right place (not up its ass, or the ass of the mine operator) and deny the issuance of the permit, preventing the go forward of the project.

In the mean time, Ben and Travis from Felt Soul Media recut their awesome documentary, Red Gold to be aired tomorrow night on PBS (check local listings for time) as a special edition of Front Line.  Alaska Gold will take you through everything you need to know about the now long proposed Pebble Mine, and the issues surrounding its potential impact on the Bristol Bay region.  Make sure you check it, yes you have PBS, no excuses.

On a more fun note, you need to check out the trailer for the (for me) long awaited film, Low and Clear.


Like it?  Want the DVD? Well, you have to wait a little bit. But, you can make the wait shorter if you head over to and contribute at least $30 to their project.  After only a few days, they’re already over half way to their goal.  You’ll be one of the first to get the DVD.  I can’t wait to see the full length cut.

That’s it for now.  This summer has been stupid busy for the BCI team we’ll be getting some better posts out to you as quickly as we can.  I at least have some good QT on the water coming up and I know the rest of the crew does too.

– Steve-o


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