2 Days of a Small Mouth World

Rob Walters Photo

This pictorial blog is from a recent 2 day trip on the Youghiogheny River.  Both days consisted of the same clients all being from Ohio.  John Rochus, which was the coordinator of the group and a fly fishing brand rep, was able to round up some good guys to come over here to Southwestern PA to fish for small mouth Bass.  The float started at Connellsville and we took out in Dawson on our first day.  The second day we put in right where we took out in Dawson and floated down to Layton.  The entire float is about 15 miles give or take, I think.  Enjoy the pictures and if you have an interest or any questions about fishing the lower Yough for small mouth leave us a comment.

Got to love Fayette County
Brian “forefront” & Rob with clients
Brian the human anchor
Brian human anchor technique paid off
Tying new patterns on
The flies that produced good numbers of fish
Rob was able to get his client on this nice small mouth.  Rob Walters Photo
Nice fish Herb.  Rob Walters Photo
The rigs after a great day on the water

If you get a chance try the small mouth fishing out.  With the right fly and a good beat of water you can have a lot of fun.  Just remember if you are out in Fayette County watch out for those White Boy Rebels.


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