The Rain Day

I still have one post/story from our Maryland Trip

Friday June 1, 2012 was a day that will go down in Bug Chuckers Inc. history as one of the best drunk days we have had as a group since we officially started a year ago.  As the title says “The Rain Day” was exactly what it was.  We woke up after another long night because the day before we floated the North Branch and I think the guys were a little sore from the rowing.  We turned the weather channel on and it seemed like all they were talking about was some stupid ass tropical storm off the coast ofCubaor some shit like that.  Some of the guys in the clan have these fancy phones that have internet on them compared to me that still use the United States Postal Service to communicate.  They checked the local forecast via I Phone, Black berry, and what ever other phones have internet to check out the forecast.  Sure as a penny being worth 1 cent the rain was a coming and a coming it was.  I thought this would be a great day to tie, look over video, and hang out with the boys.  With that said this is what occurred.

We decided before we become drunken bums for the day lets hit a little water real fast.  Some of the guys never fished or even had seen the Yough nearSangRunBridgeso we decided to roll over there real fast.  We got geared up and went down to the water to see that a few Orvis lovers were in the runs that held the trout.  We tried upstream and downstream with no luck.  The trout were laying in the run down hill from the parking lot.  We decided to head back to the house and at about the same time we rolled out it began to rain.  By the time we got back I confirmed that the Bug Chuckers forecast from the phones was 100% dead on.

What to do now was the question………….well it did not take long before the fly tying vise, cameras, and beers were broken out.  Adam and I began to tie and BS while Steve-o was working on the video ofAdamscliff jumping footage.  Greg held the couch down and kept Lulu company.  Ryan decided to go fish another section of the Yough where we do not fish much.  The rain stopped for a little so he got some fishing in.  He said he caught some but since we do not have pictures to confirm only him and the guy upstairs know about it.  We are currently in the process of trying to surgically attach a camera to Ryan so he can start getting pictures of the nice fish he catches.

While Ryan was casting between the rain drops the rest of the clan was back at the house getting into tying flies and doing some video footage of it.  The afternoon went by pretty fast and before we knew it some of us were beginning to get that buzz feeling.  We headed out that evening to “The Pine Lodge”.  If you are a trout bum make sure you save your money to front the bill at this joint.  The food is good and the drinks are expensive but try there fries, they are the best fries ever.  Watch out for the Bears that sit on the bench near the downstairs restroom, they have a tendency of attracting fly fishermen to keep them company.  After we rocked the Pine Lodge the Boardwalk was calling our names since it was karaoke night.  I was the dumbass that walked in the door first and that was an embarrassing moment.  It looked likeGarrettCountyretirement home was on a field trip because when I walked in the door all I saw were grandparents singing 1940’s music.  I made the decision to leave right after we walked in by doing a complete 180 and going back to the rig we rolled up in.

We decided to roll into the Black Bear where the vibe was more our style.  After a couple rounds we decided to head back to the house where the fun began.  We got back and drinks were made by the bartender, Greg.  Before we knew it Steve-o and Adam were breaking out the six strings.  What happened next was some really good drunk singing and guitar playing.  Adam and Steve-o gave us a great duet rocking Wagon Wheel.  We mixed it up when I started free styling it and at the time I thought it sounded alright but once I watched the video that was a different story.  Someone should have smacked me at the time but we were all in the same state of mind as I was.

After Ryan hit the hay we moved the party inside to start conducting drunken interviews.  The guys gave a good overview of the trip, the past year, and what the future has for BCI.  Steve-o gave a great 15 minute overview of everything before he went into his Hog Johnson theme song.  I don’t know what his reaction was after he sobered up and watched the footage but I truly hope he puts a Hog Johnson theme song together.

All in all the day was a scratch off for us fishing but spending time with the boys, tying flies, watching footage, and drinking beers can be really what its all about at times.  The next day “Saturday” consisted of a little brook trout fishing and exploring the story book forest on the upper Savage.  That evening we had our # 1 BCI follower stop in with his wife.  We were able to have a few beers and shoot the shit with Joe about our week and all kinds of good stuff.

The trip went really well and to sum it all up in 5 words I have to quote my good buddies by saying “That’s some good clean living”.  This will be my last post from our spring trip and you catch more of my posts to come about guiding theYoughRiver.


Oh yeah can’t leave this picture out of Ryan.  He had super powers the next day after drinking out of this cup!


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