Just an Appetizer

This is it fans, we were back to our water that Bug Chuckers Inc. calls home.  To all our followers here at Bug Chuckers Inc. that read our last post especially the part where I stated will have a post from every day of our trip, sorry.  Due to a $24.96 per minute charge on my air card for being in a roaming area made me think otherwise on posting every night.  I thought it still might work out and we would be able to post if the house we were staying out had internet.  Once again it was a no go, the house we were staying at did not have internet access.  Enough about how we could not post last week but look forward to this upcoming week on some of our posts from the trip.

I will start it off by saying that the trip began for me Tuesday late afternoon when I met Steve-o and Adam on the banks of the Savage River.  It took me a little longer than expected to get there due the monsoon I had to drive through.  At one point I thought I should just get the raft off the trailer and row the rest of the way.  Once the rain stopped I had to hit the market up to grab a few things for the trout bums that I was about ready to meet.  The text I received asked for beer, ice, pack of menthol lights, and a few other things.  Once I got everything I began my descent down into  one of the valley’s of the Savage Mountain Range.  I rolled into camp to find my two bug chucking brothers chilling bug chucker style.

The next few hours consisted of us drinking, talking about the week to come, setting camp up, and relaxing.  We decided to take a little fish upstream from camp, at what we call the PHD hole.  In an hours time we saw just a few fish rise so we decided to head back to camp to get the fire going and the beers rolling.

After an uncomfortable bed that consisted of the front seat of my rig morning came.  By the time Steve-o, Adam, Lulu, and I were all awake when Ryan and Greg showed up.  After about an hour of catching up and we decided to start the trip off all together by fishing the Savage.  Lulu and I started off downstream of the Garrett bridge which is below 7x flats.  I started of with a nymph that produced one missed fish.  I had a few fish rising near the edge of the run and after a few casts the only thing that went for my fly was Lulu.  I worked my way upstream to the bridge missing one more fish on a white streamer.  Once we got to the bridge Lulu found a stick and was on her way upstream to look for the rest of the Bug Chuckers.

I started fishing the stretch of water across from camp to find a nice brook trout waiting to crack my white bugger like a freight train.  The brook trout was landed and Steve-o was able to get several good pictures of it before it was released back to the great water it came from.  The other guys were able to get into fish as well but once again the Savage lived up to its reputation of being tough water.  The bugs that were coming off the Savage during our trip were midges, bwo’s, sulpher’s, and caddis.  The flow started higher at 150 cfs but towards the end of the trip it was around 75 cfs.  Currently, it is at 70 cfs and the fish are waiting for you.

Between myself and the rest of the Bug Chucker crew we will be posting our stories and our experience of the trip through out the week.



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