1 Year In and Here We Come Again

Bug Chuckers Inc. reaches 1st year goals


In June of 2011 a group of good friends that have been fly fishing together decided to create Bug Chuckers Inc.  We had a solid idea on what we wanted to do but none of us would have ever guessed how it was going to turn out.  We planned on creating a website to tell our stories of trips and adventures that we went on together or individually.  As with everything in life once you start something and you enjoy it, well it continues to grow.  Bug Chuckers Inc. and the website definitely did that.  With the help of one of the Co-Founders brother we were able to create our logo as you can see above.  We created a Facebook page that has a lot of our pictures on.  We began to create different pages within our website that include Fly of the Month, Maps, and Hatch Charts.  The fly below is Steve-0’s mother day caddis which was May’s fly of the month.

Since every co-founder has full-time commitments the website is not always the first on our to do list every week, but we try to do as much as we can when we can to pass on tips, reports, and knowledge.  At this point, Bug Chuckers Inc. is doing nothing but promoting the sport of fly fishing along with getting our name out there.  We have had the honor to do presentations as well as shows in our first year which was something none of us would have thought we would be doing.  The website has also been picked up by big name fly fishing groups such as This is Fly Daily and Orvis.  One of our posts even made it onto Anchorage Daily News online newspaper.  We also have been fortunate to get picked up by Martin Bawden from Flymen Fishing Company.  He is the designer of Fish Skulls and Sculpin Helmets.  We are now in the process of doing work for Flymen Fishing Company.


In the whole scheme of things we did have 3 goals for Bug Chuckers Inc. and we wanted to reach these goals by our Spring Maryland trip which begins now for some of us Bug Chuckers.  The 1st goal was to post 50 blogs.  This post makes # 55.  We have had a wide arrange of posts which is one thing that makes our site unique.  The 2nd goal was to get 100 likes on our Facebook page.  At the time of post we currently have 109 likes on our page.  If you have not like our page, jump on and check it out and don’t forget to like it.  The 3rd and final goal was to get over 5,000 views on our website and we currently have 7,110 and counting at the time of this post.  Well folks Bug Chuckers Inc. achieved their goals and it’s thanks to you.

We here at Bug Chuckers Inc. are looking forward to another year and we hope to continue to grow as well as to promote the sport in any way possible.  If you or any group you know is looking for a presenter at your next event or meeting give us a shout.

Ok check it now here is what Bug Chuckers Inc. is going to do for you.  Starting right now we will be posting every day this week about our trip.  Look forward to some good stories, possible drunk blogging, pictures, fishing conditions, and much more.

As our good friend shown in the picture above would say, That Bug Chuckers Inc. is nothing but some good clean living.  Now let’s get ready because your boys at Bug Chuckers Inc. is about to ride bully ride all over western Maryland.


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