Old School Style

Thursday was a day that the true pioneers of fly fishing would be proud.  The day started with Brian and I meeting the clients at the shop “Wilderness Voyageurs”.  The group of guys we had were several good friends named Bob, Ed, and Bob.  Brian had been on the water every day this week and found that the small nymphs seemed to be the ticket.  With that said we got the guys hooked up with small emergers and nymphs so they would be ready for the day.

We got to the launch area and once I got my guys into the boat Brian began to slide his raft in and once he got the boat in he pulled it back to him where a piece of steel that was stuck in the bank punctured the back half of the raft making it go flat in seconds.  We thought, oh no hope this is not the start of what our day was going to be like.  A quick phone call back to the shop and 45 minutes later both rafts were on the water.  The level was around 950 cfs.  As we made our way down through Ramcat, Ed was able to hook up on a copper jon size 14.  We anchored up near the end of Ramcat next to Brian and his client, Bob.  Brian also had a double nymph rig on Bob’s line and he began to produce as well.  Within ten minutes of each other Brian was landing two trout.  One being a 16 inch bow and the other a smaller Golden.  What Brian said about small nymphs was true and we stuck with the set up for the rest of the day.

All three guys caught fish with the average size being 14” but what surprised me the most was that these fish were so strong and stalky.  I dunno, sounds weird but they put on some really good fights.    Bob M. that was in my boat all day had two hook ups right before we went through a stretch of rapids making the fish take him into his backing on both occasions.  When we got down to the beach the guys had everything down and knew exactly how to fish these rigs because at one point we had doubles on and I never knew how hard it was to try to row, net, and coach two guys at once on how to fight their fish until it actually happened.

We made our way down to the bridge and took out hoping the guys had a good time.  We made our way back to the shop to get geared down and talked with them and they all thanked Brian and I and told us they enjoyed themselves very much.  We said our good byes and Brian and I made our way to the pub to drink the night away.

Just a few tips if you will be fishing the Yough on Memorial Day weekend or any time in the future.   If you happened to see fish rising but don’t actually see a prolific bug hatch than what they are doing is eating the emergers or the dead bugs floating down the river.  This seemed to be the case for this past week on the middle yough.  Also as I stated in the opening sentence of this blog “the true pioneers of Fly Fishing would be proud” there are a couple of meanings to that from our experience with the clients we had today but the one I want to make clear is that the flies that caught us the fish are flies that have been around since the beginning of the fly fishing time.  That fly is the Pheasant Tail.  In today’s market there are thousands of flies but you sometimes have to remember to come back to the ones that have been around forever, the ones our pioneers of bug chucking invented.


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