Two friends and a Guide

The Yough proved to be a little tough to a couple good friends and a guide yesterday.  The flow was around 950 cfs which was just right for a great float.  The two guys that I had the pleasure of guiding for was Dan otherwise known as Dick to Frank and Frank otherwise known as Francis to Dan.  OK that might sound confusing but the parties involved are laughing.  We met at the shop “Wilderness Voyageurs” first thing in the morning to finish getting geared up.  Frank and Dan were looking forward to the Green Drake Hatch and like always when fishing you never know if the bugs are going to cooperate.  They picked up a few flies and then we were off to Confluence to put in.  Once Brian dropped us off and helped me get the guys set up, we were on our way.

Right away we saw fish rising from where we put in and as the raft would get closer to the rising fish, I noticed the fish began to shut off to the top water bugs.  They were sipping midges.  We made our way down through Ramcat where Frank had a brown trout on but the hook was not fully set, and it threw him.  We fished streamers and nymphs for the first couple miles.  I was surprised we did not pick up any fish in this stretch on the patterns the guys were using.  Once we were a couple of hours into the float the blue skies and the bright sun came out which I think put the fish down to the bottom.  Sense that was the case I had the guys fishing heavy flies and a lot of weight.  I know they were in the feeding column because I had a lot of time invested into re-rigging tippet and flies but that’s what I expected to do when you have guys fishing hard and aggressively like Frank and Dan.

Once we got into bigger and deeper water Dan was able to hook up with a small mouth bass. Soon after Dan hooked up, Frank was able to hook into a nice brown on an emerger pattern which after a few hard dives to the bottom, the trout snapped him off.  Franks setup was a size 10 Green Drake with a size 18 emerger trailing off about 12 inches.  After the guys got into a little action we beached the boat to take lunch.  As always the amount of food we had for lunch would have fed a 3rd grade class all week.

After lunch the guys hit it hard once again and as we were approaching the flats I looked down stream to see fish rising everywhere.  I thought this was it, this is where these guys are going to get into amazing top water action.  The guys had streamers on so I switched them to dries and literally once I was done tying the knot on the second rig, the wind picked up to about 10 to 15 mph, shutting this stretch down completely.  I was really disappointed because I knew this was going to be the spot but you can’t control mother nature.

We continued down once again where Dan hooked up with a nice Rainbow on a white bugger.  We all were waiting and hoping to get into a thick Green Drake hatch but it never happened for us.  Frank and Dan had a long day and as we rowed out I could tell they were ready for a beer.  Through out the day we could see midges, caddis, march browns, bwo, and green drake coming off.  The water temp was in the mid 50’s.

Frank and Dan were two great guys and even though we did not get into a lot of fish I could tell they had a good time being on the water.  That’s really what it’s all about and I hope to be able to fish with these guys again.



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