Not H’s, but getting ready.  The BCI crew is just a couple weeks away from the first of our two major trips a year.  Major in that the whole team plus a few extras will make their way to western Maryland for some good clean living.  Adam and Steve-o will head down first and camp for two nights before Ryan and Greg show up and let us into the swank condo.  KG has some work entanglements that will slow him down, but none the less the whole crew will have several solid days of hard core bug chucking.  This trip will be well chronicled in our usual mix of media.  But, that leads to some serious preparation.

Meaning multiple check lists, the easiest of which is the fishing gear; rods, reels, waders, boots bugs…check.  Then there is camera equipment.  Are there enough tapes, memory cards, batteries, dry bags, cases?  Are all the lenses necessary?  Camping gear:  For only two nights of the trip, which tent?  Two burner stove, so go gourmet or hot dogs, cliff bars, beer and Jameson?  At least, La Poderosa has a new shelf storage system where what sadistically was referred to as a back seat once resided.  The shelf system should help to keep the gear organized and stowed.

What else?  Clothes…eh, whatever is at least marginally clean the day of departure will do. This is a guys’ trip, after all.  Beer!  That most important of ingredient of a fishing trip will be thoughtfully considered.  Tecate has served well the last two Spring trips, no reason to expect it wouldn’t again.  Due diligence, however, requires careful thought to all aspects and considerations of this trip.

But, this planning and preparation isn’t a chore.  In fact, it’s the next best thing to being in the middle of the trip thigh deep in the Yough river as the evening spinner fall starts, or slugging back another sip of Jameson beside the campfire.

This trip also marks the first anniversary of Bug Chuckers, Inc.  This goofy idea was tossed out one morning on last year’s trip and look where it has taken us.  The whole team is stoked to not only go on this trip but to share it in the same way that we have for all of our fishing experiences in the past year.  Time to get back to prepping.  Stay tuned!


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