It’s a Sorry Dog…

That doesn’t wag its own tail…So here is our latest film just incase you haven’t seen it already.

As a complete aside I’ve been thinking about what an ultimate fish rig might be.  And then I saw this commercial:  You might remember it from the Super Bowl.

Now, what does a Germany luxury car have to do with fly fishing at all?

Well, Audi makes an A4 station wagon, or an “estate” as they say across the pond, it’s called the A4 Avant.  They also make the All Road, but it’s a little too posery of a cross over, even for a cross over.  A wagon means plenty of room for gear, the BCI crew and coolers.  29 miles per gallon.  Audi’s quattro all wheel drive system.  (good enough to get to most fishing places, La Poderosa would be saved for the crazy trips.)  Can pull a trailer loaded up with rafts.  And, I mean, the biggest feature, it kills emo vampires!  Frankly I’m more concerned about emo vampires than a stupid freaking zombie apocalypse.  Vampires are one thing, but when they become moody, self-indulgent emo vampires, I have to draw the line.  If a car can take care of that problem merely with it’s headlights, then it is a winner in my book.

All of these features in some rather stunning sheet metal?  Sign me up!   Well…after the student loans are paid off.

Enjoy the video and sorry for going a little Top Gear on you.



3 thoughts on “It’s a Sorry Dog…

  1. Medeski, Martin and Woods, a fine choice for a soundtrack. Do I get a sense of the ‘Sabotage’ cut in this one? Action, cut with a still, then rolling again. A discreet homage to MCA?

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