I am a Cowboy, BABY!

This past weekend was full of all kinds of good stories and surprising events.  The events that happened since Thursday night to Saturday night consist of so much that we are going to break the entire trip up into 3 blogs.  We will post these as fast as we can while everything is still fresh in the memory.

The trip began on thursday afternoon with me picking Steve-O up from work.  Everything was going well until Lulu decided she had to go the bathroom in the back seat of the rig.  This was a very ugly, smelling, but most of all unexpected event.  I did the best I could cleaning everything and covering the smell up with 3 pine tree air freshners.  When I did meet Steve-O I had to explain what just happened and that we would probably have to ride 2 hours with the windows down.  I hoped that would be the worst thing that happened with Lulu first fishing trip and it was.  She did really well the rest of the trip.

We loaded Steve-O’s gear and made our way to camp.  The ride up always seems to go fast because you are excited and looking forward to what’s to come.  We rolled into camp to find some family already there as well as an English Bull dog named Bentley automatically trying to hump Lulu.  We cracked open the Victory beer while we claimed our sleeping areas,  that is one good thing about getting to camp early.  We are pretty much done with the cabin but we haven’t built bunk beds in the loft yet so everyone crashes on cots.      Steve-O and I got two spots upstairs with lots of room.  Friday night was a different story, the living room area was what the Eastern Rise’s boys call 100% Man Carpet.  unfortunately, I did not get a picture of that to show you what we mean.  We got everything settled in and the drinking became the priority.  A few hours rolled by and there we sat at the campfire when all of a sudden we heard a clicking/knocking sound back in the woods.  At first Steve-O and I thought it might have been Sasquatch, but a few minutes later we realized what it was.  We looked to the side of the Cabin to find a guy on a horse with a dog that could have passed for a Wolf just standing there.  It caught us all of guard because we never have things like this happen.  After a few seconds my Uncle proceeds to say “What the fuck” followed by “Who the fuck is this” followed again by “Is this really fucking happening”.  The cowboy and yes I mean 100% cowboy decides to ride up to the campfire and introduce himself as Joel.  At this point we all are still speechless until I start to talk to him.  I asked him where he was coming from and where he was heading.  His response in a drunken tone was “Coming from Kelly Pines and was riding until I found a campfire”.  Kelly Pines is about a 7 to 8 miles and takes about 20 minutes to drive it.  It took Joel about 2 1/2 hours to ride his horse and it’s now 10:00 p.m when he rode in.  At that time we knew the night just got more interesting.

As we talked to Joel, our new cowboy friend we could not help to laugh at what he was saying.  He had a quote for everything even if some of them did not make sense.  It was probably the alcohol on both of our ends that made the rest of the night more entertaining.  I asked him what he was drinking because he was pretty shit face when he showed up and a 2 hour plus ride is a long time.  He begins to tell us he was drinking “banquet beer” you know, the gold cans but not the extra gold, cowboy beer.  We offered him a beer and before he could say yes or no he told us he had to check his inventory.  We didn’t know what that meant untill he started pulling empties out of his saddle bag.  He said he started with a 12 pack and that he had a few left and he would be ok for the time but when we asked him if he wanted a shot, well that’s when the entertainment and the cameras came out.

He dismounted from Ria “the horse” and stood there in anticipation for the shot that was being poured for him.  He downed the shot like it was water and that’s when I asked him if I could ride Ria.  If it was any other time I would never get on a horse because I am not a big fan but I think the alcohol had something to do with my decision to actually do so.  I jumped on the horse and Joel begins to lead me around like I was a child riding a pony at the carnival.  It looked like so much fun that Steve-O decided to follow in the same step as alcohol probably encourage him to do the same.  That’s right folks two Bug Chuckers were ride pony riding.

I wanted to get the fly rod out and try to double hall from the saddle thinking it would have never been done before but Joel wanted to show us a trick he could do with Ria.  This is where it almost got ugly.  He leads the horse out into the front yard and said to us all “watch I am going to lay her down”  at first we were thinking, shit this is going to get R rated but he meant it in a different way, I guess it was horse talk.  He takes the her front leg and pulls it up to him to make her lay down and on the 1st and 2nd try he was having no luck.  After a short pep-talk he had with her he was able to lay her down in a scary un-gracefully way.  As he picked her leg up they both began to trip and then fall to the ground making it look like she fell right on him, thankfully they were both ok and as he fixed his hat and chaps and looked at us and said “that’s sorda how you do it boys”.

Steve-O and I decided to go warm some food up and to also make a plate for Joel and as we were doing so we saw that he was putting more wood onto the fire.  It looked liked Joel was wanting to stay a little while longer.  We brought the food out to him and began to tell him about Bug Chuckers Inc. and our website.  We told him that we were planning to post a blog up on the site about our weekend trip but we decided instead to post a separate blog of just our Thursday experience which he was the highlight of.  We told him that it was going on midnight and explained it was going to be a long ride back and he decided that it was time for him to saddle up again and hit the trail back.  One thing he allowed us to do before he left was to slap a BCI decal onto his saddle bag to represent Bug Chuckers Inc. on those horse trails.

Next post will be about the Clarion Float.

KG & Steve-O

But wait!  Who wants to see KG up on that painted horse?

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/40494543]

2 thoughts on “I am a Cowboy, BABY!

  1. I knew I was going to miss something freaking awesome this past weekend, but never thought it would be a pony ride.I figured it would be a couple big browns and a few shots of Irish whiskey. I could only imagine the conversations that Joel and I would have had.

    1. Oh the stories that boy has are endless and his phrases. But one thing is for sure he’s all about the horse. He’s a good friend and fun to talk to.

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