This trip was for the “Brother”

Adam, Ryan, Steve-O and myself made our way down to the home waters to search for our beloved trout and the Honey Badger.  Thankfully, we found them residing in the normal places at least the trout that is.  This  trip was for our good friend Gene.  We lost Gene about a week ago and without any of us saying or discussing to do a fly fishing trip, it just worked out and fell into place that the clan was able to go fish.  We started off the day by Steve-O picking KG up at 6:15 and meeting Ryan and Adam at Krispy Kreme drive thru at 6:30, great meeting place.  Adam needed a round of some type of coffee to wake his ass up.  Once the wake-up juice was bought from the dread-lock white chick we made our way down to Garrett County.

We landed onto the Lower Savage first to find that Adam was the star of the show.  Steve-O and I filmed until we had footage of Adam setting the hook and landing a Rainbow for the first time on POWERBAIT at the Lower Savage.  Just kidding, Adam was using a size 18 Dry and that is what he hooked the fish on.  He was very persistent on this fish because he missed it two times earlier.  That was Adam’s first but I also had a first as well.  My earlier post I mentioned that the next fish I catch would be for our good friend Gene.  I was fishing a wired stone on a section that I have fished a lot and as I was drifting my rig down through the hole I felt a tap and then a hook up.  It was the first fish of the year for Maryland and wouldn’t you know it, a native brook trout.  Surprising this fish would have been for Gene as well as the first Brook trout I ever caught out of the Lower Savage.  I like to think that it was a meant to be type of situation and the more that I think about it, I am convinced that it is.

I fished that run for a little while longer to pick up a brown trout on the  same  fly.  Nymphing was a little slow considering how much I fished nymphs.  I might be bias a little but the flies I think would catch fish right now on the Savage is streamers unless they are keyed onto top water bug life.  I missed several fish throwing streamers in the pocket waters.  These were big fish to!  The fish are hungry and yes they will always eat nymphs but for great action on the Savage, throw streamers.  This box is a great example of streamers to throw.

So the shots of Irish Whiskey and the first fish for Gene was accomplished.  We decided to fish more downstream with having some luck but mostly missing fish.  Ryan tried calling a little for the Honey Badger on the Savage but no response.  We made our way to one of our favorite Brook Trout streams and sorry we are not going to mention the name but we will give you a hint … is in Garrett County.  We do not want to reveal the name of the water not because the brook trout fishing is good but that is where we have confirmed a true Honey Badger sighting.  The Honey Badger is a whole separate blog itself and after our May/June trip we will post about it.  Our studies are still incomplete and are still looking for good tracks to get a cast mold or trail cam pictures.  Back to the fishing trip!

We hit the brook trout beat up to find a perfect flow but the fish were kind of on the slow side.  The bug activity was insane but not one rise.  We fished streamers and nymphs with us only having luck with small Buggers.  We made our way up beyond the Honey Badger cave to find a nice brook trout holding in the run.  Ryan chucked his bugger in at the head of the pool and started to strip it and the brook trout came up and hit it so hard like it was not going to miss that fake meal.  Got some great pictures of it and released it back.  Since the Brook Trout beat was not fishing well we decided to head back to town and get some grub at Ledo’s, which is my new favorite wing and pizza joint in Deep Creek.

After the four of us were done feeding our faces we had to go hit the booze store up.  Everyone had to get something because for some reason the liquor store in Maryland is better than P.A and W.V stores combined.  I think Adam got 10 beers that cost $30.00, it was some crazy type of beer that gives him Honey Badger scouting techniques or some shit like that.  I think Steve-O got something Irish.  Ryan got some type of Amish Portugal Manchester United banana bread beer.  Now for me I got these Feta Cheese Olives for the wife.  There is a good learning point here.  Find something your wife or woman likes in the areas you fish in and make sure you get it every time you go.  By doing this you can stop telling her you are going fish but rather tell her, “Hey babe, I am heading down to Deep Creek to get you those feta cheese Olives you love”.  This all sounds good to me in the head and I will be sure to let you know how it works when I tell her this in the middle of April.

The evening fish was at location X on the Yough.  We fished there for a few hours with the fish to be keyed in on little ass midges.  Although once it started to get dark we fished down towards the rigs where Ryan and I hooked up with some decent rainbows on bugger patterns.  We got back to the rigs and did have a “Stormin Normin” encounter, if you are interested in the conversation please feel free to hit us up on the comment board to find out how the cats are doing.

I was on the camera but just want you to know Gene that shot was for you as well.  Will miss you buddy.



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