What We’ve been up to

Been a little while since we posted about our time at Cabin Fever, so with a few words and some photos, here’s a quick run down.

Our French friends at Le Mouching seemed to really dig it and so did the guys at Fish Porn Fix.

The BCI crew sans Adam (who had to prepare for the ultimate red neck concert Diffy, Tippen and Kershaw) took in the Fly Fishing Film Tour last Saturday at Cabela’s in Wheeling.  Some really good films are going to be released this year.  Catch the Tour if you can, Cass and I will be going to the Pittsburgh Showing this Sunday.

We take a bunch of pictures, so instead of dropping every last one of them onto the blog here, I went ahead and finally set up a Flicker account.  I just posted three albums onto our Flicker Page.  You’ll see a feed of the pics off to the right.  The first album is a few more pictures from the post New Water the second is some more great pictures from Cabin Fever thanks to Cass’s skill behind the lens and finally more photos from the night we hung out with the folks from Upper St Clair Fly Fishing Club.

The weather the rest of the week through next weekend is supposed to be simply splendid here on the western edges of the east coast, so take advantage and hit some water!  The season is now!

We’d like to here from you about your fishing trips, so leave us comments or email your stories to bugchuckersinc@gmail.com.  Include some pics and we may just start posting up some viewers’ trip reports.

Thanks for reading, now get out and chuck some bugs!

– Steve-o


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