B.C.I in the house @ Cabin Fever

Attn: B.C.I please report to Cabin Fever………….AGAIN

Cabin Fever 2012 has come and gone leaving us here at Bug Chuckers Inc. with a great feeling about our future.  First off we would like to thank Dale Kotowski from Wilderness Voyageurs for letting us set up with him.  We also would like to thank everyone that stopped by our stand to talk to us and to check out our 2012 flies, video, and most of all to inquire about who we are and what we offer.

Anyone that did not get a chance to talk to us at cabin fever or, if you are new to our site, we ask that you take the time to read this blog to get familiar with us. Bug Chuckers Inc. history  is pretty unique.  We are a group of guys that have been fly fishing together for quite some time now and on our May 2011 fly fishing trip we decided to come up with a name to call ourselves.  After a long day of fishing and numerous alcoholic drinks we came up with our name.  It came to us easily as we all liked Ryan’s email which had the phrase  “bug chucker” in it.  After eliminating the other choices, we decided to set it in stone, we are Bug Chuckers Inc.!  We agreed to start a blog and write stories and reports of our fishing trips.  As with most new exciting projects, once you start something you constantly get more ideas on how to make it better.  We added maps, the fly of the month, pictures, and videos, and hope to keep adding onto our blog as we continue this journey.  Our passion for fly fishing is what drives us to keep improving this site, and promoting the sport.  We are here for you, our fellow fly-fisherman.  We hope you can pick up a few tips on when and where to go and what bugs you should be chucking.  If anything we hope you get a kick out of reading our post and enjoy the adventures of us bug chuckers.

Now to the show…  Adam, Kevin, Ryan, and Steve-O were able to make it to Cabin Fever to represent Bug Chuckers Inc.  For being a bunch of glorified trout bums we were able to pull off a pretty nice table.  The table set up included two guys tying our 2012 patterns, a camera set up on one of the tiers, and our video playing in the background.  We handed out hatch charts of our favorite waters and had our new 2012 decals with flies for sale.  We also showed off the sculp-motion in the water, which was one of the flies of the month for February.  The K-Ginnow and the Jager Bomb were big hits and if anyone is interested in those patterns please feel free to contact us.

Ryan on the Vise

The response we received was great and once again we want to thank everyone for stopping by and talking to us.  If anyone is interested,  we are available for presentations and seminars. We will be working on a separate page in the near future on what we can offer.


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