New Water

Every now then you need to stop and think about why adventure is so important to fly fishing.  All of us at B.C.I can agree that the adventure is finding or discovering new water that held different species of fish, mainly trout.  Don’t get me wrong it’s always an adventure when you travel somewhere for a trip or for the day to fly fish, but the adventure is something new, when you are on water you never fished.  If you stop and think about it, when you decide to fish somewhere new you first had to read or hear about it.  Secondly, you have to find out the rules and regulations of that water.  Thirdly, you need to know when and how to get there.  Lastly, when you get there this is when your adventure begins.

The adventure for Steeve-O and KG was fishing some new water that have names but have sworn not to say them because we heard it from someone “First Step” that asked us not to mention the waters, sorry.  We checked out the rules and regulations and we had the green light to fish these waters “Second Step”.  We got directions that basically got us to both waters “Third Step” and the directions were so good that we did not make any wrong turns.  Now sometimes when locating new water you are going to make the wrong turns or miss them but once again that’s part of the adventure.  The adventure “Last Step” obviously will be told in more detail combining all the steps into Steeve-O and KG’s adventure.

Steeve-O rolled up in the La-Ponderosa to KG’s crib so they could take off to Fayette County, that’s right folks good ole Fayette County.  After an hour ride and being stuck behind the damn school bus for what seemed like forever and seeing a turkey fight we got to our first body of water primarily know as a Brook Trout beat.  We started up the trail and when we got to the first stream crossing it looked so good KG chucked a bugger in and on the first cast he missed a fish landing his business end of the line in the rhododendrons.  While KG was getting his shit straighten out Steeve-O chucked his bugger in and on his first cast, boom fish on.  A nice 7inch brook trout was landed.  KG had camera problems so we were unable to get a picture.  On there first two casts both had fish strikes most likely the same fish and Steeve-O landing it.  Not bad eh?  Well if you read Steeve-O blog a few weeks ago about catching fish right away and thinking it will be a good day and it turns out it was not, well he hit it right on the nail with that statement.  We fish this water for about four hours leaving us with a few strikes and misses and one fish landed.  The water was high but with good color.  For the most part there was no top water bug activity and we stuck with streamers and nymphs on this water.  This water would be a place we would fish again but with out taking an adventure and fishing it we would still never know what that beat would be like but now we do and we will be back.

We headed back to the nearest town to get a bite to eat before we made it to the next piece of water.  Once we were done eating we were on the adventure again.  This next section of water we fished we would have never of known or even thought to fish it and let me tell you we were surprised.  We started out upstream and work down cover less than half mile.  KG caught two nice brown trout and Steeve-O picked up two brown trout as well along with scoring a sweet ass cooler.  Unfortunately, it had to stay behind but we have no doubt that some hill jacker will come along and pick it up or shoot it to pieces, remember we are in Fayette County.

All fish were caught on buggers both white and cream/ginger colors.  KG had one brown trout hooked on a hares ear but it threw him when it decided to jump 4 feet out of the water.  The water temps at both locations were right around the 44 – 46 degrees.  The weather was nice in the morning reaching 60 degrees with sunshine and blue skies. It changed once the afternoon rolled around to overcast and eventually rain.

Sorry we could not reveal the stream names but that does not stop you from taking your own adventure to find new water.  Remember the steps and get out there and explore.



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