U.S.C Fly Fishing Club Presentation

Bug Chuckers Inc.  in the U.S.C Fly Fishing House

Last Monday night, Bug Chuckers Inc. presented “Fly Fishing Western Maryland” to the Upper St. Clair Fly Fishing Club.  This was the first presentation/seminar for B.C.I, with hopefully many more to come in the future.  The presentation that we did for them consisted of Ryan and Kevin on the vise tying a combined 4 patterns each while Steve-o  took care of the camera work, PowerPoint, and the video.  Adam was able to hand out maps, hatch charts, sell the raffle tickets, and got emails for the list-serve.  Every member of B.C.I was able to talk about some of our favorite waters, show our favorite patterns and get to know some great people.  The U.S.C Fly Fishing Club had a good turn out that night and it seemed like everyone enjoyed the presentation.

Ryan tying a pattern ………………………….

KG shared some patterns with the public.  Usually Kevin keeps his patterns pretty quiet until he’s had a chance to test them in the water fishing. In this case though, the two he showed are brand new for 2012 and he has not fished them yet, so tie these patterns up and let Kevin know how they fish.  The 1st pattern he tied is the “Sculpin Bugger” followed by the “Sculp-motion.”

Together, Ryan and Kevin have a combined total of over 30 years of experience tying flies, including some of their patterns which are sold to individual orders and fly shops.  No offense to any foreign tyers, but to fish in American waters like we Bug Chuckers most often do, there are no better flies than American tied flies. With the experience we have in our home waters, we know how to tie the big nasties that us bug chuckers like chuckin.

All patterns will be up on the fly of the month  page by next weekend.  We will try to get all pictures and the full recipe for you.

As you can see in the picture below we had a table of goodies. We supplied maps of Western Maryland, primarily Garrett County, and were able to show the audience some great locations we had fished.  Another big hit we brought were the hatch charts to the Yough, Casselman, Savage and the North Branch.  Hatch charts can really come in handy especially when fishing water that you have never fished before.  Adam and Steve-O gave out all the free handouts which club members can benefit from on trips to western Maryland.  Lastly, we gave every U.S.C. fly fishing club member in attendance one of our decals, so hopefully we start seeing more “BCI” stickers on the road.

A big thank you goes out to the U.S.C  Fly Fishing Club for letting B.C.I put on a presentation and show you our 2011 video.  Hopefully we can do something again for you in the future.


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