With the snow and cold finally setting in, the only thing a “chucker” can do is tie flies and think about past experiences. Tying flies has been consistent, while the reminiscing has been non-stop. Bugchuckers Inc. had one hell of a productive season in 2011. Some of us experienced new water and new ways of fishing, and some others stepped up to the next level. Confidence is something that is only achieved from time on the water. Remember that “one more cast” can make all the difference. I am sure most of you are in the same boat right now. Some of you probably have it worse, you probably have snow @#$hole deep to a ten foot sasquatch.

Wooly Bugger Brown

As far as the tying goes, it has been time to punch out the go-to patterns in large numbers. Trying to restock the lost flies from last year. Buggers, pheasant tails, hares ears, and stones have been the patterns of choice. Bought up the Whiting Pro Grade necks for dries. If you dont have these necks, they are sweet for the cash. Very high quality, and high barb count. Now for a tip on tying all your buggers. Tie in your wire, then hackle, then your chenille when you are doing your bugger body. Wrap your chenille up to the head and tie off. Then grab your hackle and wire together in a hackle pliers, preferably the rotating style. Now I am gonna warn ya, this doesn’t do well on the pliers over time. But anyway, twist the hackle and the wire together about 12-15 turns. Prior to wrapping the twisted-two up the body, stroke the hackle fibers so they all brush out nice and neat. Then wrap your hackle-wire twist up the body, then tie off and you are done. Make sure as you are wrapping up the body that you brush your hackle fibers back prior to the next wrap. Good luck.

Good Times!

This pic has me thinking of some great times. Water snakes, great rises, first Maryland brookies caught on a fly, and a wild river full of brookies. As you can see, there wasn’t any snow either. This area is where a first brookie on the fly was landed by one of us, along with a few bows. Adam was an extremely fast learner, I mean he was literally thrown into the fire and he just shrugged it off.  There was a hatch of blue quills, and tricos popping off like nobodys business. The fish were cooperating, and Kevin and Steevo were wearing them out. Greg was landing risers like a champ, and I was like squatch, just taking it all in. Good Freaking Times!

Sweet Success!

Anticipation of the up-coming year is helpful through the cold months. Hell, Steevo has jump started his year. Everyone else is chomping at the bit. It will be here soon enough. Get your tying done now, so when the snow disappears the fly sticks can  appear.  Good fishing (or tying for now) to all.

Spring Thoughts!



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