Brook Trout News

To follow up on what Ryan was talking about last week I just wanted to share a couple events coming up involving Bug Chuckers, Inc’s favorite trout and subject for our upcoming film project, the Eastern Brook Trout.

First, for those of you in the Pennsylvania area and members of TU (you are a TU member aren’t you?), the state Council is putting on a series of training sessions for those wanting to join in and help the Coldwater Conservation Corps.  This group surveys streams in PA, particularly in the areas of potential exploration into the Marcellus Shale natural gas play to check on the presence of native brook trout populations.  There’s a nice little loophole in PA’s laws that once a “fishable” population of naturally reproducing brook trout is documented, the stream can be added to the Fish and Boat Commission’s list of Wilderness Trout Streams, once the designation is made, the stream then qualifies as a Water of Exceptional Value.  Once that occurs, serious statutory walls are then erected around the entire watershed affording that stream the highest levels of protection from development including oil and gas extraction.  Whether you’re for or against fracking in PA, in reading this blog you obviously like to fish, and have at least a passing fancy for trout.  If that’s the case, take one of these training courses and join in on one of the survey trips.  At the very least you learn some new blue lines.  Importantly, you can help protect as of yet discovered recovering populations of brookies.  That’s a cool prospect.  I’m signed up to participate in the 3/31 session in Uniontown, I hope to see some of you there.

For the full list of upcoming training sessions, checkout the PA TU council’s website and click on the news update for January 18:

Secondly, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources is taking comments on their recently published study on the efficacy of the current “Zero Creel” management of the Brook Trout populations in Western Maryland, notably, the Savage River drainage.  The Savage River and its tributaries are Maryland’s only intact population of Eastern Brook Trout.  Hence why I gorge myself on the rainbow trout I catch there.  I encourage anyone who has fished or plans to fish in WMD to read the report and make comments on the site.  Better yet, take a ride down to Cumberland, MD on February 4th and voice your opinion in person at the DNR open house at Allegheny Community College.  Read the report here.  Comment here

Some members of Bug Chuckers, Inc plan on attending the meeting.

The days are getting Longer.



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