Articulated Hareball Leech

Fast, Easy, Effective, and Fun pattern is the Articulated Hareball Leech “AHL”.  This pattern was introduced to me when I lived and fished in Alaska.  This is a common pattern up there and as you fish your way back East it starts to be just a pattern you see in books or on the web and not on the end of the line or in the fly boxes.  With most patterns I fished up there I also fish here with good success and majority of those patterns will not be revealed unless you have a certain dollar figure to exchange and then we can talk.  Back to the “AHL”, I fished this pattern on some bigger water with some luck on trout but what I really can rely on is when I am targeting bass.  I know this pattern will produce bass.  This is definitely a pattern that you need to tie and have in the box when fishing bass water.

1.  Get two streamer or salmon hooks.  Since this is a articulated pattern we will use two hooks.  On the rear hook tie in your chartreuse rabbit strip and wrap it to the eye of the hook.

2.  Get yourself some fly line backing or any type of 25 lb. or higher braided line to connect the rear fly to the front one like so.

3.  Tie in your dumbbell eyes as well as the the braided line.  Go ahead and hit both of those with some hard as nails or head cement.  Once those dry for a minute go ahead and tie in your rabbit strip and wrap it to the back of the eyes.

4.  Tie in your Flashabou right behind the eyes along with your chenille.  Take your thread to the eye of the hook and go ahead and wrap your chenille around the dumbbell eyes and then tie off.


Remember this pattern has produced more bass than trout but try switching the colors up.  Tie a black pattern to represent a true leech or use white to turn it into a bait fish imitation.                Peace



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