What a fantastic year.Why you ask? Well for starters a group of five guys decided to start this group that created a blog. Once the blog was started we thought…how can we spread our interactions and mishaps of bugchucking on a larger scale? Well that was when our facebook and twitter page was started. Then, of coarse, there was all of those great times of interaction with great buddies and fish catching moments. BCI had some very fortunate luck with some very cooperative fish. You had Kevin catching steelhead in Lake Erie tribs, Steevo catching stripers in Boston, I had some great trout action in Maryland with a huge bow all caught on video, Adam whipped some Savage River Brownies, and Greg put the smack down on some Yough River Trout. The main point is that we all had some serious fun doing what we all enjoy the most. Flyfishing is meant to soothe the soul and is a form of escape from everyday life. Everything that is stressful and mind-blowing just goes away and its just you, the river, and the fish. Its a great thing.


So 2011 was the start of something great. 2012 is gonna be awesome. You will be getting some great info on bugchucking and just some good old “living the dream” information. I hope we can get some more interested bugchuckers who, just like us, cant get enough bugchucking. One fantastic announcement is that Cabelas in Wheeling, WV will be having the Flyfishing Film Tour stopping by and that should be March 10th  and 11th. The film showings(which i have been informed will be FREE admission) will be at 2pm on Saturday March 10th and 1pm on Sunday March 11th. This, as some of you know, is a great display of flyfishing’s best film makers. For those of you who haven’t experienced it, this is basically a movie, previewing all of the up-coming flyfishing films of 2012. Let me tell you that the past tours were fantastic. Hopefully BCI will one day be a part of this tour. And 2012 will bring a plethora of flyfishing information from a “down-to-earth” standpoint. So see you later 2011, and good morning 2012. Stick with us fellow bugchuckers, we will be keeping the articles and information flowing. If you have any questions or wanna just give one of us a shout-out, check us out on facebook. Until the next post, quit wishing and go fishing(KG). HAPPY NEW YEAR FELLOW BUGCHUCKERS!


TIP: When fishing in May/June and nothing going on, try a size 12 GB rubberleg kaufmann stone (black) with a size 14 GB Pheasanttail trailing. Use a medium thingamabobber as an indicator and a splitshot if the water is swift or deep. Dead drift… good luck.


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