Discharge Special

Listen up all you curb stomping fly fishing pimps and pimpets, you are about ready to see and read  my recipe on the infamous discharge special.  Only a few elite individuals that walk this earth are aware of the  Discharge Special “DS”, but after today all you trout lovers can pimp the “DS”.  A little history about the “DS”, myself and the fella BCI boys rolled out to fish somewhere in the United States that just so happen to be a tail water (hint) and we were set up where the water DISCHARGE’S from the dam and the fly at the time was called nothing basic besides a knock off bugger but that was soon to change.  A few casts with the long sticks and a few brownies later I come to realize that I have a shazaam of a pattern here.  So since we were fishing the discharge area with this pattern…….well it does not take a flipping Orvis engineer to figure out why the pattern got it’s name.  Let me show you the steps and remember this is a simple basic fish catching fly.

Here is what you need……

1. Get your streamer hook and a orange cyclops bead…….put it in the vise.

2. Wrap some lead onto the hook and tie it down with some 6/0 olive thread, make the bitch heavy.

3. Use some type of Olive Marabou with the Olive Crinkle Flashabou and tie yourself a nice tail about the length of your hook.  Don’t be afraid to flash it up like the some thug in a low budget rap video.

4.  Once the marabou and flash is tied in take your olive crystal chenille and wrap it up to the orange cyclops.  As you make each wrap stroke the previous wrap back.  That is one of my pet peeves seeing flies that are wrapped with crystal chenille and it is not clean wraps.  Sorry had to bitch a little.

5. Tie it off and start again cause you definitely want an arsenal of these patterns.

KG's Discharge Special

Alright to sum it all up this is the “DS” and you do not have to fish near a discharge to catch fish.  I have fished this pattern for the last 3 years and have caught multiple species of fish that consist of bass both large mouth and small, bluegill, catfish and of course trout – brook, brown, rainbow, 1 golden, and many bull trout on  Ifullbull river near Cabela’s in Wheeling, WV.  Nah for real it’s a good pattern fish will take it by fishing it multiple ways but my favorite is the swing and strip which is different than my shake and bake technique.  Alright tie some up and send me some pics also side note anyone have flies or fish picture that they want to share go ahead and send them to us.                    Peace



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