Call offs, Expired tippet: Stihlhead.

On Tuesday two Bug Chuckers Inc. members traveled north to take a crack at those steelhead from Lake Erie.  We decided the day before to fish Elk Creek due to other reports that affiliates of BCI gave us.  This was the first trip of the year and before we give you the whole entire report we’re going to give you a little lead up to the good day.

4:00 a.m.– Steve-o and KG met at International Angler for Steve-o to throw his gear in KG’s rig too roll out.  It’s early, but who cares, no work today, just fishing.

(too tired to mess with camera)

5:30 a.m.–  We rolled into Folly’s End area of Elk Creek to see that we were the first rig there.  Ok so maybe we were a little early but better to be early than late in wanting to get a good beat first.  The drive went as good to be expected with the exception of the damn thick fog and the fucking raccoon that did a suicide walk in front of my Goodyear 245/R16.  We got our gear out and started to get ready and rig everything up at a slow easy going pace because sunrise was not for another buck thirty.

(too dark to mess with camera)

6:12 a.m.–  We made our way down to the water.  We stood on the banks of Elk for about 20 minutes until it got a little brighter and we made our way downstream from the campground.  While we were chilling there we seen a a few fresh fish with our headlamps swimming up through the shallows.  The 4am coffee and energy drinks made us wonder why we hadn’t gone with the zipper front waders.

(I’m Irish but hands too full to mess with camera)

6:45 a.m.– The first casts were made and many more were made until the first hook up.  We both hooked up in the first hole but none landed.  We fished this run for awhile using many different patterns and we could tell by 9ish that these fish have been used and abused since there was only half of dozen or so.

(too cold and fishless to mess with camera)

9:30 a.m.– We moved down river to find more people but also more fish.  We fished the high wall run before you get to the wire with luck.  We both hooked fished, Kevin landed several on his golden stone pattern.  We fished this area for pretty much most of the day and the crowds began to leave and come all day but one thing with the crowd was that they all knew each other.  That’s right all 32 of them.  These guys have been meeting at Folly’s every first week in November for the past 20 plus years to fish.  Basically we would have had a lot of water to fish with out as much pressure if that party was not there.  Although they were a good group of guys and very nice.

12:45 p.m.– We were still fishing the high wall hole when all of sudden this freaking dude rolls in between us to start re-rigging his setup when all of sudden out of the blue he starts humming.

1:00 p.m.– Home boy is still humming!

1:15 p.m.– Can you believe it?  The mother trucker is still at it.

1:30 p.m.– Son-bitch couldn’t give it up and luckily he decided to roll out.  Don’t understand it and maybe one of our readers can explain this to us:  dude stands in one place for 45 minutes fucking humming while re-rigging and then just rolls out.  Dude’s got two major problems, first he hummed consistently for that long and secondly it took him that long to re-rig.  Thankfully the gang of 32 made light of the situation.

2:05p.m. – Steve-o realizes the expiration date on Froghair fluoro tippet is for real.  Two years past that date makes it for shit, especially when KG pulls the camera out…

2:45 p.m.– Fished the high wall run for a few more hours with luck.  The fish seemed to be on and off all afternoon and at times there would be spurts of hookups and then nothing.

4:20 p.m.– After exhuasting the run that held the most fish we decided to roll down stream to fish some more water that was raped all day.  Before dropping a bug in this beat, Steve-o uncorks his flask and takes a snip of Jameson then offering it to KG.  The fish gods now appropriately toasted, Steve-o hooked into several on his golden Lazy Juan pattern.  Kevin decided to once again go against the signs that stop you from fishing beyond, if anyone ever wants to know why he does this just ask …he has a good answer.  We decided to hike back up river where the rig awaited us but before we rolled up, Steve-o had to pull the flask out one more time and shots of Jameson were downed to top off the kick ass day.

6:12 p.m.– Literally just unlocked the doors to the rig making it exactly 12 hours we were on the water.  Took the waders and all the gear off and said bye to Folly’s.

7:00 p.m.– Pulled into Wendy’s and tore up the dollar menu.  Steve-o grabbed a Red Bull at the the pit stop to not pull a Gene on KG during the ride back south.

9:00 p.m.– Rolled back into International Angler after a good day of fishing and two BCI members said their goodbyes in the brotherhood way.  The two of us and went our own way knowing that this would not be the last steelhead run we would have this year.

All in all the trip went well and if anyone is looking for some good steelhead flies to purchase, hit us up on the comment board and we will hook you up better than you would ever think with a free BCI decal as well.

Steve-o and KG


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