Alright I made it back from Mexico in one piece and trust me I am glad to be back in the foothills of the Appalachians.  I was staying at one of those all inclusive resorts between Playa Del Carmen and Cancun.  I definitely recommend staying at an all inclusive resort at least once because they are amazing.  From the time we “wifey” landed to the time we got to our hotel room I probably asked at least 20 people if I could fish from the resort along with, do I need a license/permit?  Everyone that I asked with the exception of one told me “Si Senor you can fish” …………..bullshit!  I found out on a Tuesday that no fishing is permitted or even allowed by the federal government in the area we were at because it was considered a national preserve.  With in an hour later we were walking into the water to only see fish after fish all over the place.  On that particular day the water was very calm so on every wave it was not turning up the sand and creating it to where you could not see the bottom in ankle deep water.  The water for the rest of the week was rough with higher than average waves so we did not see as many fish as we did on Tuesday.

After being told I could not fish and that if I would get caught I could be arrested, I WENT FISHING.  The one thing I was told to look for were the guys dress in red that called themselves the FBI  “Federal Beach Inspectors”  They would cruise up the beach on an ATV or ride the coast line in there boat.  So the first morning I fished for an hour or should I say I practiced my casting with no luck.  Later that day Yasmine and I fished the old school way.  We noticed that when we went into the water little fish were coming up to us so I cut a 6 foot section on mono filament off and tied on a salmon fry pattern on and the fish could not resist.  We caught multiple fish on this set up but the fuckers were hard to handle because of there spiky fish parts.

I decided to fish a few more times and on the last morning before we left I had 45 minutes to kill so I went fishing.  I was down on the water for not even 10 minutes and I looked to the south to see a boat coming around the point and 2 amigos deck out head to toe in red and that was my Que to get out of there.  I made it back to the buildings where I was able to look out in the area where I was fishing to see the boat come up to where made my last cast in Mexico.  They did a few circles and then took off.  I made my way back to the room and Yasmine asked me when I got there “Are you ready to go home”   My answer went along the lines of hell yeah lets get this mountain boy back to those brookie beats.



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