What is the best way to spend a weekend in September? Flyfishing in some prestine water…of course. Well only one single problem, when planning a camping trip, forecasted rain. Not just any forecast for rain, up to a half inch or better. Some may say that wouldn’t be an issue, but when a bugchucker owns a tent from the early 90’s and it hasn’t been used since then, well yeah that is a little problem. So plan B, stay in the bottom level of a huge pad that your parents just happened to rent for the weekend. Nice save! Thanks again Mom and Pops.

Nice Fall Stream Flows.

So on our way to Deep Creek Lake, the perfect center hub of fishing Western Maryland. We started fishing the Savage River on Friday morning with some off and on showers. Some of them very steady at times. The caddis was working well in the riffles and tail-outs. I had a dropper on the whole time (BH softhackle), but the fish were looking up and seemed to eat the caddis well. The blue quill (mahogany dun) was getting whacked in the flat water and slow pools.  The hatch was on around 2pm, but we were getting hungry and the rain was pretty steady, so back to the pad for food and dry clothes. After a short break for food, we were off to the Yock and some larger “pellet heads”.  These fish were keyed in on streamers and nymphs, but i did pick up one on an adams 16, but the 18-19 inch fat-boy was caught on a larger streamer (sorry i cant tell everything).

Fat-Boy (18-19" with serious girth)

Saturday slowed a bit due to the low pressure system (at least that is our excuse), so Sunday was time for some brookies. We headed to a great stretch of water that holds some great “up-and-comers”, and we even ran into Yogi and Boo-Boo. There were four or five of the hairy fellas…which include cubs. Not a relaxing moment, but we did manage to get some great photos and video. Check out the facebook page to see some great photography of one of the hairy guys…compliments of our photographer Steevo. These younger fish will grow to be nice size fish…now that the poachers will have to hike into this area.

Nice "Up-and Comer"
Another nice fish...good potential.

So as an overview, weekend was awesome…as always. Only problem was that a few bugchuckers had to miss. Congratulations to Kevin and Yasmine on their up-coming wedding.  Missed ya KVG, never the same without ya. Adam, well the bears were really missing ya.  The trip was successful overall, but just being with the crew on a trip that is focused on the thing we are so obsessive about…bugchucking…that is what it is all about.  Success always lies in the eye of the beholder. Quit wishin and go fishin.

Fall in Western Maryland 2011



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