Fall Western Maryland Brookie.

I am gonna try rationality with this post. Something of which most folks don’t even ponder when they speak. If you were to think about a great time on the water, in a location of beautiful scenery, I would bet that a brookie was probably involved. If it wasn’t, well you should really get out and try native brookies on a fly. If you have done this, you would most certainly agree that these fish are awesome. They will sometimes eat a dry the size of a small boat. They are very aggresive, as well as elusive. They are constantly on the look-out for predators and still manage to cooperate by taking an anticipating anglers fly like it hasn’t fed for days. Soon they may be under fire in the state of Maryland, or at least the brookies of the Savage drainage.

For those of you who don’t know, the brookies of the Savage river drainage have been protected for the past 5 years from any human destruction. No bait fishing and no killing has been allowed, which allowed the brookie to flourish. There has been no official mention of such talk, but talk has it that is was to be reviewed after 5 years for progress and any changes that need to be made. Well I came across many discussions that show people really want to whack this protection as soon as possible. They claim there is no scientific research showing any need for this, and that this idea is merely politically based. ARE YOU READY FOR MY “TWO CENTS”? Why is it that the state needs scientific research to prove anything? If the state of Maryland was to take the Savage River and turn the catch and release area into a put and take area, would these people, wanting to kill brookies, need scientific research? Hell No! I see this as another face of greed in this world. There are at least 10 catch and keep areas to every one catch and release area. West Virginia’s man in charge of the trout stocking and such once told me that over 90% of the state trout waters were catch and kill. Leaving less than 10% of the trout waters to catch and release. Then I want you to calculate how many of the trout that are supposed to be released are killed by poachers in these areas. That small 10% even gets encroached and depleated. I had a “freezer filler” once complain to me, that after he had caught and kept 20+ trout the day before, he wasn’t catching anything and the state wasn’t stocking enough. I am not against someone catching and keeping fish in a legal area and keeping their legal limit. I am however against greed, just like the greed of the individuals keeping fish in the catch and release area of the North Branch and other C&R areas.
So to sum it up, leave the brookies alone! The populations seem healthy, and no need for population control. These fish are too precious to be caught only once. They have to dodge danger every day of their lives, so go buy a fish sandwich if you are that hungry for fish. Plenty of other streams to choose from if you wish to kill some brookies, these guys are protected…for now.
Fall Native Water…Unknown Location.

Sorry if this seems like a rant, just have a passion to protect these fish. Remember to quit wishing and go fishing(KG).



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