North Branch Mutha Truckas

For all of you North Branch Lovers like myself, I apologize in advance for no pictures and a short report.  Rolled down last Friday and drove by the Savage to see about 4 or 5 dudes fishing the stretch from PHD hole to the mouth.  Water conditions look good but did but did not fish it the entire weekend.  Got up to the North Branch around 7 on Friday.  We put the rafts together and got camp set up.  The river hippie rolled in late friday night to only get a few hours of rest before venturing down the river the next day.  Morning came and with it the rain.  We put in up by the cabins but did not start fishing until 1/4 mile down below blue hole.  There were a couple local thundercats at the slide pool or we would of hit that hole up.  We came up to a beat where there were several browns rising.  I through the usual flies at them with no luck and determined that they were taking really small midges just like there brothers on the Savage a few weeks ago.  The smallest I had was about a 22 and they came up for it a few times or at least I think because I could not see the damn fly but I did hook set one only to throw me a second later.  The midge color was a brownish black and really small 22 and 24.  I hate when them fuckers are zoned in on that small shit.  We moved on only to have the little river hippie bro roll his kayak, he was a North Branch virgin.  We got down to to a section where we were coming up on the Homeboy from Spring Creek Outfitters and as a guide myself I hate creepers and I am telling everyone just give people there space especially on a river that size.  This goes for the two thudercats that were at the slide pool about an hour earlier….you seriously had to come 1/2 mile down and hump our casts.  Ok sorry I had to vent a little.

We began fishing to let the guide get out of view and started throwing the DS fly where I right away hooked and landed a 14” bow.  Switched over to a big nasty and had fish going crazy for it but no takers and a lot of followers.  Switched over to a golden stone and had a big bow take it only for me to set the hook like a mad man and pull it right out of his mouth…..I was sick!  From that point on and had fish here and there.  We had no luck at all through Cutthroat Alley and by then we were down to the first railroad bridge where we witnessed the aftermath of a hug utility truck falling off of the bridge and into the woods.

This next part of the blog is very important so pay the F attention.  These upcoming weekends are white water release or at least the 10 and 11 are and when that big utility truck went over the bridge it took a shit ton of tracks with it.  We had to be very careful maneuvering around the tracks that laid all over the riverbed and some exposed.  I did not contact the CSX which I think is in charge of that railway to see if they are going to remove anytime soon but I want everyone to be aware of them especially if you are in rafts.  The water flow on Saturday was 200 cfs and the tracks were exposed so when they release at 1000 cfs they might be sub-surface or the tips still might be exposed.  Just a heads up yall.  The fall should be really good down there on the North Branch.



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