New World Record Stripah?

Record no more?

Experienced Connecticut angler, Greg Myerson has reportedly and unofficially broken Al McReynold’s 29 year old 78.8lbs IGFA All Tackle Striped Bass World Record.  Myerson’s fish weighed in at 81.88lbs.  Rumors on the interwebs are swirling that Mr Myerson may not submit an official IGFA world record application for the fish.  He does have 30 days to make it official.  And if he does, hopefully Myerson won’t go through the pain that McReynolds did nearly 30 years ago.

Congrats Greg, hell of a fish!  The only knock against you is that you’re a Red Sox fan.

New Record Fish?

Check out the story at  (No, I am not knowingly related to Brian)

Field & Stream also has continuing coverage

Folks, this is by far the holy grail of east coast saltwater records.  Al McReynold’s story is legendary, he’s a bit of a hero to any angler from New Jersey, learn about him here.

So, 81.88 is now the haunted number…



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