With all of the hot temps and so much “going on”, i decided it was time for a break. The flows of our favorite waters couldn’t be better and the bugs seemed to be cooperating according to some reports. Afterall, one of my personal favorite tactics is tiny dries on 14-18″ intelligent fish. With the lower flows of summer, and the fish really keying in on midges and tiny bwo’s, is there really a better time? A few invites later and the trip was ready to be carried out. Off to western Maryland we go….

This snake was THICK...even dead, my foot was too close!

One thing that has always intrigued me in the mountains of the east, are rattlesnakes. I have spent some serious time in the “hills”, on remote streams and such, and had never seen one snake. I always hear “they are everywhere”, but had never had an encounter. Well on this August 1st trip, that was about to change. In the middle of one of the remote mountain roads, a very large one had been hit by a vehicle. This thing was very large and nothing like I had imagined. I was very thankful we did not find it on a stream trail or hidden, ready to strike, behind a log we had stepped over. Caution to all, they are obviously out and on the move.

Very healthy brown...pattern of spots very unique.

As far as the fishing, well it was tremendous. The fish were looking up and eating the small stuff. They were also taking terrestrials and caddis patterns pretty well. I would definitely have midges(22-26), BWO (18-22), black ant (16), adams parachute (18-22), and caddis(14-16).  The heavier rising was up til 11 am and then they started again after 6pm. Middle of the day is when terrestrials and sub-surface was the “king”. Throwing large stimulators and hoppers were pretty successful, but the smaller stuff proved to be alot more successful. A few of the fish were caught on midge pupa and hares ears when the rising slowed considerably. It is always enjoyable fishing for wild fish, in the intense heat of summer, in very cold water. Overall, the trip was very successful and most of all enjoyable. Then again, I can’t remember a “bad trip” while bugchucking, fish or no fish.

Check out the spots!



2 thoughts on “SNAKE AND BAKE

  1. Good blog/report Ryan! I passed this along to some guys that are going to be down there this weekend and it was very helpful. They also are going to be interested in certain bug chuckers inc. merchandise once we get it in.

  2. Super pissed that I couldn’t make the trip with you all, but stoked that you all had a good time. Nate and Neil said they had a blast on their first trip to western Maryland, lucky for them they had a kick-ass bug chucking guide. Good day!!

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