When temps reach nearly 100, and the humidity makes you feel as if  you were in a sauna, what is a bugchucker to do? First, you could sit around in the air conditioning and dream of those perfect bug-hatching, trout-bumming spring trips. But that would only be an option if there was a blizzacane-nado-nami, you know, a weather-related event stopping all outdoor adventures. You could call off work (getting your fellow bugchuckers to do the same), pack up your rig and head off to your favorite summertime trout grounds. But some of us have a mortgage and other family-related bills that halt that from happening on a regular basis. So what do we do…..we go bugchucking for “Bronze”.

The bronzeback action has been pretty good. Poppers and typical streamers have been protocol. During the hottest part of the day, sometimes, has been the best time. While the bronze are hammering the flies, your shirt is looking like you were hiding ice in your pits. There is nothing better for passing this “sauna-like” time period. Then there are the “targets of opportunity”. Those are the huge freshwater drum and “golden ghosts”, which appear from time-to-time and offer a huge run and a terrific fight. Although it does not last long, the fight is good enough that i don’t have any good complaints. One last note, for those aggressive larger smallies, try a larger white deceiver stripped at a very quick pace.

Happy Sweating….Ryan


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