Quick Weekend

Kevin and I took a quick trip this weekend up to Kevin’s family’s camp on the edge of the Allegheny National forest.  We went up there to float the local big river and maybe do a little blue lining.  Saturday was a brilliant day for a lazy float down a river.  We had a large floatilla heading down river as we were joined by Kevin’s fiance, cousins, brother and a big crew of brother’s friends from New York.  It was a mixed group of experienced paddlers and some who have never been in the presence of a canoe or kayak before, but everyone had a good time and the renters even got their boats back on time.

Along the way, we tried some fishing, but wasn’t much going on.  We did however see the largest trout either had ever seen, the one in the main stem of the river and the other when I paddled up a small trib and right over a hole with several dozen skittish PA stockers and a leviathan of a trout that could easily eat the 10″ stockers.

Thankfully we had our faithful admiral, Chewie, guiding the floatilla down river.

At the take-out, Kevin and I got the boats back up on the rigs and we booked it back to camp to get dinner ready for the hungry, weary, and thirsty army of paddlers staying at camp

After dinner we made a quick run to a near-by stream we had reconned that morning and had seen a good number of trouts.  While rolling out there, I must have run over something big enough to puncture my tire, but small enough to allow us to get to the spot.  It was already nearly dusk and had to decide whether to change the tire on the jeep or fish.  I rationalize that it’ll be dark by the time the tire is on, so regardless the tire changing will at some point be by moon light.  Obviously we opted to fish.  I managed a rainbow and Kevin was working several rising fish but didn’t bring any to hand.   When it got too dark to be able to see to tie on a fly we went to work changing the tire.  After some jack issues the Jeeps spare was on and we were off back to camp, to join the crew gathered around the campfire for a classic camp night.

Yeah, so the fishing wasn’t light’s out, but we weren’t trying hard either.  Fishing is only part of the experience on trips like this, and a light catch doesn’t take anything away.  Thanks to Kevin and his family for allowing a bunch of good people to stay at their camp for a great weekend!

Expect Kevin’s report shortly.




One thought on “Quick Weekend

  1. Sounds like you all had a good weekend. Sorry to hear about the tire, but it adds to the stories on trips like that. Looking forward to Kevin’s good word on the trip.

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